In 1999 I got to go unexpectedly on my first cruise ever. The first cruise ever got to go on was up in Alaska. I learned a lot about Alaska, but I also learned a lot about myself.

Here's some the things that I learned about cruising and life in general when I went on my first Alaskan cruise. The most important thing I learned though, is that I love to on cruises.

I Like Adventure

The Beauty Of AlaskaCredit: Flickr/Rennett Stowe

I had always liked to do semi-adventurous things and I loved to read about people who went on adventures. I love the book a walk across America and it inspired me in a lot of ways however I was unable to follow through on some of them simply because of bad choices I made in life. One of the things I learned on my Alaskan Cruise is that I still like adventure.

I know that a cruise ship with catered meals is definitely not what some people would consider an adventure, but what my vacation to Alaska did allow me to see is how many adventures are possible in the great state of Alaska, and in life in general.

There's always so much you hear and see on the news about Alaska but until you actually get up there and see the enormous size of the State and the way the locals are it's truly amazing.

Each part of Alaska is so different from the other regions and it can allow you to have countless adventures in Alaska whether you want to try living on your own in a cabin out in the woods a hundred miles from the closest neighbor or whether you simply want to watch the Iditarod sled dog race for the first time.

If you've always been an adventurer at heart then a cruise to Alaska can surely help that internal craving you have for adventure to surface in a way that you haven't felt in years.

I Like Cruising

One of the things that I learned is that I love cruising. Cruising is a great way to take a leisurely vacation because you're not trying to pack up your suit case every day or fight with rental cars or any of that crap.

I like the variety of people I met and some of the people I met I became very good friends with while on the cruise ship. If you're single and worried about going on a cruise because you would prefer to have a woman with you I can assure you that if you go single you can still meet up with other women to hang out with on board the ship.

I think my favorite aspect of cruising was the food. There was so much food and you definitely would not go hungry on a cruise ship.


Alaskan Cruise ShipCredit: FLickr/roland

My internal craving for the arts often comes out with me wanting to take pictures of cool stuff. On my cruise to Alaska there were so many photogenic opportunities of amazing things. Seeing a glacier Calf was truly awesome as was seeing 13 bald eagles in a single tree. Between the whales, the scenery, the people, and everything else you're going to see and experience in Alaska you will come to realize that Alaska truly is a shutterbugs paradise.

Trouble With Words

When I try to write a high quality article for a client who is paying three or four cents per word, then I put my heart into it. One of the things I struggle with is explaining the glory that is associated with Alaska. The beauty of Alaska combined with the feelings that the state presented to me was an awesome combination that truly left me overwhelmed at times.

When you're standing on the edge of the cruise ship looking out at the amazing inside passage of Alaska there was more than one time that a tear was brought to my eye and it was not a tear of sadness, but instead was a tear of happiness. The pure beauty of joy being expressed through the beauty of nature.

If you have never been to Alaska then I highly recommend you go. An Alaskan cruise is a great way for first time visitors to see parts of Alaska for the first time.

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