When I went to school for medical billing, I was unaware of just how much of the class work that I would really need in the day to day job that I would have. Signing up for the classes was some what of a blur with a counselor working on convincing me that this was the right path to take if I wanted a job in the health care field.


I attended a medical office administrative course by a top vocational school. I spent 9 months study hard when it came to my medical billing school classes. Much of what I learned sitting in those chairs, I use every day and some of it was a waste. If I knew back then what to pay closer attention to, I would have. So I am giving you the insight of what you really needed to pay attention to when it comes to these types of classes.


Medical Terminology


Every week in class we were given a list of medical terminology that we needed to memorize and their definitions. At the end of the week, part of our medical billing school was to be tested on them. Memorizing just to get through the test is not the way to go on this one. I should know. I did this for the first couple of months and really missed out on some important lessons.


You need to learn the prefixes and suffixes that are used with these terms to change their meanings. It is also important to understand the root words that pertain to the different body parts. When you have learned this, you will be able to make out any term that you might come across that you do not already know.


Insurance Companies


There are so many insurance companies and types of companies out there that it can make your head spin. Add into that all of the rules that apply to billing each one and you will soon see why you need to take all of these classes. Even if you think that you are going to work in a private doctor's office, you never know when the worker's man comp insurance information that you learned about in medical billing school will come in handy.


These are just two of the areas of studies that I wish that I had paid more attention to. Everyone talked about memorizing the codes and getting ready for the medical coding certification tests. These are important depending on where you are going to be working, but you need the above knowledge to help you in your every day tasks at your job.