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I have partially given up watching Korean dramas after the realization of how much this pastime has eaten up my time. I found it hard to stop once I started watching from episode one. I had experienced staying up past midnight just so I could find out what would happen next. To reclaim my health and normal sleeping schedule, I decided that I would only watch Korean dramas occasionally, especially the ones recommended by my sister. 
Through time, I gradually lost a bit of interest on these dramas, because on face value, they all appear virtually the same. Watching one after another made me realize that. However, it's still nice to indulge in a couple of dramas once in a while.
Fated to Love You, however, differs a bit from the rest of the Korean Drama bunch. It puts less emphasis on looks and more on the character's qualities. The drama is about Kim Mi Young, an average but very kind girl, accidentally getting impregnated by the rich and eccentric Lee Gun. Due to this encounter, they are forced to marry each other to meet their parents' (or grandparent for Lee Gun's case) demand. Without having any romantic feelings for each other, they try their best to live harmoniously under one roof.
After finishing the series, I developed some mixed feelings about the drama. Now I give you the a short list of what I like and dislike about the drama.

What I like:

The Characters aren't that "Good-Looking"

Here me out first Jang Hyuk fans and Jang Nara fans. I am referring to the characters they are portraying. Mi Young is particularly described as merely an average person. Lee Gun, on the other hand, is an eccentric with a weird laugh. So here, a love story emerges despite not being attracted physically with each other (at least at first), focusing more on the inside than outside.

The Actors are Great

I like the performance of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. They can do both drama and comedy very well. Other main characters, Choi Jin Hyuk (Daniel Pitt) and Wang Ji Won (Kang Sera), did an okay job. With regards to the supporting characters, I like Song Ok Sook (Mi Young's mother) best.

The Soundtrack is Great

Just like many Korean dramas, Fated to Love You OST did not disappoint me. This is a series with a mixture of comedy and drama. It's crucial to have a pleasing music to accompany the moments where the characters emote. In contrast, this reminds me of many Japanese movies and dramas that focus on the actors' emotions with less emphasis to music. While the Japanese actors are great, the scenes where the camera pans in to their faces for several minutes become dragging especially when shown in silence. Korean dramas, on the other hand, makes emotional scenes very sad but entertaining (not that I enjoy seeing them sad). I was even looking forward to the sad scenes just so I can hear again my favorite melancholic tracks.

What I don't like:

There is an Unnecessary Love Triangle Element in the Drama

I can't even think of a K-drama within the same genre that doesn't include a love triangle. Some even has squares or pentagons. It may be hard for the majority to immerse themselves fully in the drama if the characters are in-demand and far from the average. Why do the characters have to be "perfect" - with the emphasis on looks? While this drama does not emphasize on the looks, there is still a surprising (is it surprising at all?) addition of love rivalry. I don't see the point why this had been an integral part of many K-dramas.

I Don't Like the Latter Part of the Series

(Skip reading this section if you don't want spoilers). I don't think that it is necessary for Mi Young to transform herself into a beauty. She's already loved by Lee Gun while she's still an ugly duckling. At this stage, she becomes the promising artist who is admired by many. Her manners and fashion style are dramatically improved. It's difficult to watch this transition after getting fond of the old Mi Young.

There are Some Unconvincing Details in the Drama

(Beware of possible spoilers in this section). Take note, while this drama is clearly a work of fiction, but the genre is never a fantasy or sci-fi. I just find it hard to believe that two people have fallen prey to a magic potion that led to a one night stand (and they fell to it again for the second time!). I also find it too naive for even the most naive person in the world to believe that the handsome and fashionable Daniel Pitt is a priest. What about the hereditary disease of Lee Gun? As a disclaimer, I am not in the medical field, but it's hard to believe that a person showing some symptoms of the disease later miraculously got healed of this disease. 


So what can I say? Do I like the series overall? I'd still give it a yes. It's something that will get you going. It will entertain you, make you laugh and cry. The overall mood is quite light and cheerful. The characters are very likable. It is convincing how the two leads fell in love with each other. If you do like watching Korean dramas, don't skip this series.
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