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As an adult, I am required to watch what I eat unless I want a powerful bout of indigestion. This fact does not stop me from reminiscing about what food I was able to indulge in as a child.

1. Macaroni and cheese

When my mother would announce that we were having macaroni and cheese I was all ears. It was the first meal I could make on my own, boil a pan of water, rip off the top of the box and fish out the packet of dry cheese, pour the noodles into the water, and then add milk, butter and the “cheese” packet to the cooked noodles. As a treat, my mother would add sliced hot dogs or sprinkle parmesan cheese on top of the noodles.

2. Sweet frozen corn with butter and salt

While my family and I lived in the country, we had plenty of corn on the cob, canned corn, and creamed corn. Rarely would we have frozen corn at our table because the other forms of corn were so prevalent and cheaper. On special occasions like birthdays and Easter, my parents would splurge on sweet frozen corn. I waited eagerly for the white plastic bowl of corn with melted butter and a dash of salt to be passed my way and added to my dinner plate.

3. Cookies and milk

My mother was not very fond of baking cookies, so she would frequently buy a bag of Mothers Cookies. The bag held an assortment of crispy frosted and unfrosted cookies. If I managed to follow the rules, then I was rewarded with a glass of frothy milk and a handful of cookies.

4. Tiger tails

In my hometown of Moses Lake, there was a Hostess store. When we went to town to buy groceries, go to the doctor, or simply to get out of the house, the Hostess store was a stop we had to make. Stepping through the automatic door was like slipping into a kingdom of candy. My siblings and I were allowed to choose one treat. I made a bee line to the tiger tails which I loved best of all.

5. Cheesy popcorn

Have you noticed when the holidays come so do the tins of cheesy popcorn? Traditionally, my family would buy a tin of the cheesy popcorn to share. My lips and fingers would be perpetually stained orange with powdered cheese through Christmas day.

I am no longer able to eat or truly enjoy eating the food on this list, but the memories bring a sweet satisfaction which I enjoy far more.

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