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What I Would Do if I Hit The Jackpot

and why I think it is a good idea

Ofetn times, the news is filled with stories of the record jackpot winnings from the game with the worst odds of any.  There are all sorts of "brands" of the random draw number-picking style lottery games.  Although my wife and I rarely, if ever, play these games, the dream of what we would do with hundreds of millions of dollars is too hard to resist.  I've probably spent way too much time thinking about this, but nevertheless, the dream is half the fun.

OF COURSE! I would never expect to win the lottery.  I know it is not a viable retirement plan. Especially considering I spend more on a single tank of gas than I have on lotto tickets in my entire life. The common thought of "Someone has to win eventually," is completely false. The game is designed for people not to win.  That is how they profit.  So, before you make your comments on how I should not get my hopes up, remember, this is for entertainment.  I hope you will comment and tell me how you would spend your jackpot as well.

For this article, since we are dreaming, we are going to say the total lump-sum payment pre tax was around $200 million.  After tax, that would come to a rough guess of around $140 million.  Tithe would be $20 million, and after gifts to family and close friends, my wife and I would probably be left with somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million.  Not too shabby if you ask me.

So what would $100 million buy me? Not this house when considering secondary expenses. But it would allow for a lot of fun.

First, my wife and I would find reasonable houses in different locations.  No need to go crazy when you'll go from place to place, right? We'd find a house in the Dallas / Ft Worth area, one somewhere on the Texas Gulf Coast, one in a snow ski town in New Mexico or Colorado, one on each of the coasts, and maybe one right here in our temporary home of Seattle.  Why so many homes? Well, with $100 million dollars, you'd want to be able to visit different places sure, but a home is always preferable to a hotel.

In our permanent home, I've already been given to build and design my own man cave. I've dreamed of how I'd design it, and here's my best description. First, I'd want it to be in the basement.  That would allow for sturdier walls and a little more noise insulation, as there is bound to be plenty of screaming at the TV. I would hope that the basement would be free of pillars so a ball could be thrown or hit across the room without risk of ricochet.  All the TVs, video game consoles, speakers, and other electronics would be behind clear plexi-glass panels so they would be protected from flying things, but easily visible.  The walls I would have painted like the beautiful Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and my Comfy Chair , of course, would be perched on the pitcher's mound.  In my kitchen I would have a teppanyaki style grill, a hot dog roller, a brick oven, a popcorn machine and a fresh tortilla maker. I know, it seems like an odd set of cooking tools, but how wonderful would all that be? Of course, my bathroom would have to include a urinal, just to make the ballpark motif complete.  

My wife would be able to design the rest of the houses, and surely with minimal input from me.

Next, we would take a real trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  I've been lucky enough to go in high school, and the three days we spent there were great.  It really is a magical feeling.  However, three days was not even close to long enough.  I think two weeks at the Grand Floridian would do us well.  Hopefully our son would be old enough to enjoy it, if not, we'd wait.  I hope he'll be able to experience that magic that the Imagineers work so hard to create.

Eventually we would take a trip to Ireland, and enjoy the 1,000 Shades of Green.  I've been told that there is nothing more beautiful than flying in to Dublin in the Spring.  I'm sure it would turn into an entire European Vacation (just no Randy Quaid, please).  

So little purchases like a car or two, and trips to our favorite restaurants, and investments in good return savings plans  fit in here somewhere.

Lastly, I wouldn't want to be lazy forever, so we'd open a business or two, or three.  Go with me on this.  Build a strip mall in the town of our choosing.  Behind the strip mall, we would build a Climate Controlled Self-Storage facility.  We would run that business.  However, we would also own the other businesses in the strip mall. A Surf and Ski shop (my wife's dream), a bargain Pizza shop (think $5 Hot and Ready Pizza), a tanning salon, a "back porch" country bar, and a smoothie shop.  Maybe we'd get franchises, or maybe we'd do it on our own.  Either way, I think that style of investment would keep me busy, and let me and the money work for us.  

I'm sure other things would come up, but with $100 million in cash available, I'd have some good fun.  Not the Richard Branson, Snooki, Audrina Patridge type of fun.  No, instead I'd have the type of fun that my wife, son and I can enjoy together and be proud of.

What would you do with your jackpot winnings?