Ever noticed that Toy just staring at you?

So we’ve all seen the movie Toy Story, and surely I’m not the only one who looked at toys differently after that. It really was a movie that made me think, despite it being a child’s movie. It not only had adult humour but was also thought provoking. It left us wondering “What if?” after the movie was finished, paying that little extra attention as we walked into our kids rooms or put those toys in the Toy box. Even just yesterday as I was shopping for a birthday present for my nephew we walked past a doll on the shelf and my husband commented on how scary it looked and that it was staring right at us.

Picture and consider as in your doing your daily rounds.Teddy Bear

You’re getting ready for bed; no one is home and you’re walking around your bedroom naked. Look up and Bam! The big teddy bear sitting on your shelf is just sitting their staring at you with that half smart smile stitched to his face. Ever wonder what he’s thinking? Ooh Yeh baby!” or maybe even Man she always does this in front of me, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts!”

How about clean-up day. You’ve told the kids to clean up their rooms and you’re coming in soon to sort through the toys. Ever notice that 90% of the time the toys are facing upwards and looking right at you? Freaky! Giving you that last innocent beg look to not throw them away. Then later on that night you hear a toys siren going off or something start singing. That has happened to me way to many times. You start to wonder if the kids are sneaking out of bed just to mess with your head.

Vintage DollSome of those big dolls over years start to look a bit scary. One eye half opened, black stuff around their eyes from your daughter doing her makeup, and half a head of hair, due to being submitted to endless hours of play hairdressers. I can’t imagine her being too impressed and that if she was able to speak she would no doubt be going off like a crazy woman! I’m not too sure whether she would run while she could or attack me! Seriously some of those dolls look evil. “You made me look like this for how many years?!!!!

I picture them scamming stuff when we are asleep, or not at home. All the secrets they would have seen and the places we took them as a child, in the mind frame that they would keep our secrets. Oh how about cheating. Would they feel that we did the dog act when the new favourite toy came along?

Oh yes, I used to be your best friend, we did everything together, but nooooo then Barbie came along! She just thinks she is so good with her pink car and her boyfriend Ken!”

Can you imagine the jealousy, how many favourite toys did we go through as kids? I’m pretty sure mine changed every couple of weeks. Out with the old, and in with the new.

I think for most adult women, if toys could talk we would be in some serious trouble. I picture all these angry toys making us sit down and eat Mud Pies and Cups of Tea’s screaming at usDo you know how many years I had to eat this crap! Now it’s your turn”. With a horrid evil laugh.

Men on the other hand I think would be running for their lives. With all those toys chasing you in revenge for ripping off their arms, legs and heads. For shaving the dolls heads balled, and for shoving them down the toilet. I can just imagine thousands of toys rampaging through the streets trying to pull men’s arms and legs off. I’ll show you how it feels”.Dolls

It’s kind of weird to think about really, but we spend a lot of years playing with toys and sometimes the same one for many years, keeping them close to us. If toys could talk, they would know a lot about us. Children spend quite a few hours playing games with their favourite friends, talking, laughing, sometimes not so nicely playing, and then at the end of their time they either get ditched or downgraded to the storage attic box. Maybe that’s why they start to ‘sing’ after a while, set their tune off to remind us that they are still here. Or maybe they are just cruising round the house without us even knowing. You just never know.

Next time you’re sitting there near your daughters doll or your sons Transformer, take notice. I bet they are staring back at you giving you “The Look”.


Are you wondering now?