The importance of answering the phone cannot be underestimated, especially for small and medium-sized businesses working to build a strong customer base. Outsourced call center services help small businesses deploy a more effective and responsive brand of customer service. When customers can reach an actual person, their impression of a business is nearly always positively affected. Inbound call center services can also be useful for internal human resources purposes. For instance, automated phone systems are capable of handling employee absenteeism reporting much more efficiently than a lone receptionist.

Any industry that depends on contact with the general public can benefit from a telephone answering service. Customers naturally expect friendly and immediate responses to their questions and complaints. The health industry is a perfect example of a business where a live phone answering service can make or break a business. Clients and patients today expect to be able to make, cancel and reschedule appointments simply by picking up the phone. It goes without saying that they also expect the person answering the phone to not make any errors and maintain the appropriate level of confidentiality. As such, industry-specific answering services, such as medical answering services, are well trained in best practices, regulations and laws.

Home health and hospice services are another industry where customers (patients and their families) expect a reasonably high level of contact and availability via the telephone. As with medical answering services, there are a wide variety of reasons that home health customers may need to reach a live person. Whether it’s altering an appointment, scheduling time with a specialist or physical therapist, checking on a refilled prescription, or calling in a minor emergency, home health call center services must be flexible and versatile.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, humans aren’t the only customers in the marketplace. Furry friends often need medical attention too, although it’s up to their owners to make all the necessary arrangements. For people with strong attachments to their pets, the need to reach a veterinarian during an emergency is very potent. For that reason, many veterinary offices maintain after hours answering services to meet the need of patients who never get sick between 9 and 5. Their owners certainly appreciate being able to phone for help, regardless of the time of day or night.

Medical emergencies are of course not the only kinds of emergencies. A busted water pipe, broken down AC unit, or unexplained blown fuses are all great reasons to call on the services of a qualified contractor. Many electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians work solo, and therefore do not have a secretary parked by a phone all day long. These hardworking professionals can definitely reap the benefits of a small business answering service. For a modest investment, independent contractors can connect with more potential customers, as well as nurture their relationships with established customers. Lacking an answering service, solo professionals are literally working in the dark.

In addition to repair persons and technicians, property managers often find themselves stretched too thin. A single person may oversee dozens or hundreds of apartment units or condos. It’s simply too much work and running around, so anything that can lessen the load helps. An answering and schedule service, particularly one with some element of automation, can free up a property manager to get more meaningful work done, and hopefully keep him from getting too far behind the 8 ball.

Phone answering services are an amazing convenience for many business owners who would otherwise spend too much time on the phone or worse, have no contact point for the most important members of their enterprise: customers.