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When most people think of influential contemporary recording artists, Lady Gaga is usually the first to come to mind. After the huge success of her tour Monster Ball, Lady Gaga has performed in countless countries and is taking the world by storm. Now that she is infecting the entire world with her music and artistry, I ask myself “If I could interview Lady Gaga, what would I ask her”? Then I realized that I would want to know “what influences Lady Gaga”?

In this new age of music that is driving in the direction on dance and pop, Lady Gaga is one of the artists who is in the front seat. With both her catchy pop tunes and influential sense of style, fans around the world adore her. The reality is that there are very few recording artists who currently push the envelope with their stage persona, fashion and lyrical style, so where did Lady Gaga originate?

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Lady Gaga & Elton John


Even though there are many connections that are made between Lady Gaga and artists of the past, glam rock is evident in her hair, outfits and even shoes. Musical acts like Elton John and David Bowie exemplified glam rock with gaudy clothes, glitter and even platform shoes that immediately steal your attention. Gaga went as far as to name herself after the song Radio Gaga which was performed by one of her favorite performers Freddie Mercury of Queen.


Another artist that Gaga considers as an influence is undeniably, Michael Jackson. The King of Pop himself, is considered by many to be the best performer of all time because of dancing and singing prowess. Very few entertainers can come close to achieving his level of excellence but in Gaga’s 2009 Video Music Awards performance, she impressed many. Not only did she wow fans with her incredible dancing and singing, but also with her level of showmanship.

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 One of the artists that Lady Gaga herself has spoken of as an influence, has obviously been Madonna. Some critique Gaga as this generation’s Madonna but a perfect example of the parallel between the two would be Madonna’s video for Like a Prayer and Gaga’s video for Alejandro. Both videos blend ideas of religion and sexuality that have made many critics uneasy.

 No one knows what the future holds when it comes to both the music industry and Lady Gaga. Who knows what will be the next craze in music but I do know that just as long as there is Gaga and platinum blonde wigs, I will be happy!