The story Tony Stark  of the man behind the Iron Man  is actually one of the most dramatic stories in the Marvel comic book world. What happened there is so sad that most of it will never be showed to you in the Hollywood action movies, which are made to make you forget about daily life, not to remind you about how cruel life can be.

Here are some elements you may want to know and that will show you that not everything is blue in the sky of the super heroes.


You can see Tony Stark drink alcohol in the movies but he does not suffer from alcoholism. In the original storyline from the comics, he is an alcoholic and typically in the story "Demon in a Bottle" , he suffers a lot from it.

Of course, it is a bit inappropriate to show this kind of problem to an all-age audience coming to a movie to see action and special effect but it is sad when people conclude that the stories of super heroes are simple and too good to be true.

Strong Moment of Tony Stark's Life

Invincible Iron Man (1968 series) #182
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In the morning, Tony Stark will be sober... or dead.


Tony Stark is quite successful with women both in the movies and in the comics. But in the comics, something tragic happens. One of his ex-girlfriend shots him! 

And as this is not just a movie, Tony survives but at a cost. Namely, his legs. Unable to walk after this incident, he will spend more and more time in his armor, not able to enjoy life otherwise.

Just imagine his despair. He, the Iron Man, the one who can fly, cannot even walk.

I still remember that scene I read as a kid where Tony Stark is flirting with a woman but she disappears as soon as she discovers he is handicapped. Sad lesson of life.

Start of the Iron Man on a Wheelchair Story

Iron Man (Vol. 1), Edition# 243
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Tony Stark Shot

3. Conclusion

There are many other things happening in the life of the man incarnating Iron Man but what is important is to remember that in the comics, Tony Stark is a man. He has weaknesses, he makes mistakes, he is sometimes wrong and he does not win all the time.

At least, this is how I like to remember this hero from my childhood, despite what may happen in the modern comic releases and despite the movies.