digital camera

Steven Season of Eastman Kodak invented the earliest version of the digital camera in 1975 and by the beginning of the 21st century, digital cameras have replaced the traditional cameras greatly. Now digital cameras are built into many mobile phones and tablet computers.

How Digital Cameras Work

When a person uses a digital camera to take his beautiful pictures, the digital camera then captures the pictures and stores them in a file. Every digital camera uses different categories of files and JPEG is the most popular. You can scroll through the pictures and decide to delete, save or transfer them to your computer's hard drive, your USB flash drive or an online backup service if you are a professional photographer.

You can also shoot videos with a digital camera, and the digital camera is powered by batteries just like other portable devices such as the phone. If you need to recharge your digital camera, you will get that done by using a charger via the power supply. When the camera is fully charged, it lasts hours. The zoom feature is on all digital cameras as well as the flash feature which you can turn on or off.

Buying A Quality Digital Camera

You should consider your budget when getting a digital camera but more important than this is the amount of megapixels that are in the digital camera because the more megapixels, the better your pictures will look. The camera's ISO rating is also important because it lets you know how well you can take pictures in low light environments, and if you are a beginner photographer, look for a digital camera that is easy to use. Another way to get a quality digital camera is to read a few reviews in electronics magazines and ask friends who own digital cameras.

Memory Chips

Every digital camera has an internal memory chip but if you are someone who takes a lot of pictures, it is a good idea to purchase a removable memory chip that is very powerful and can hold up to the amount of pixels in your camera. Not all brands of camera memory chips are of equal quality; so, it is necessary to research the brands before making a purchase.


Digital cameras have changed the way we take pictures and shoot videos, and we no longer have to purchase bulky photographic equipment in order to capture the best images around us. With the small and portable digital camera we are able produce more high quality pictures than in previous decades without much hassle. In addition, digital cameras are becoming more affordable thanks to the demand for them.