Gluten Free

Over the past few years, many people have been wondering regarding the very popular Gluten Free Diet. What is a Gluten Free Diet anyway? And why has it become so popular? Is it really that effective? Why are so many people into it?

First things first, let us define what Gluten is so we can better understand how the lack thereof can be beneficial to the body. Gluten can be found in many types of food such as barley, rye and even your apparently safe veggie burgers. It sounds all natural because it comes from plant, but researchers suggest that this protein, though from very organic sources, may also be the cause of many diseases such as allergies, tummy disorders and even conditions that affect cognitive processes in the brain.


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Unsurprisingly, many health advocates are not pro gluten. Health experts and other related professionals have discouraged the use of this apparently health damaging substance. For those of you who love corn, potatoes and rice, you’re on the right track. This kind of diet already gives you a head start because these kinds of food don’t contain gluten. Ironically, those kinds of food that we thought were healthy and doing us good are actually filled with gluten such as oats and veggie meat.

Gluten makes you fat. That’s the whole truth. It causes inflammation, insulin resistance, leptin resistance, nutrient block and it raises your cravings for other types of food. When you decide to go for the gluten diet to shed some pounds, you have to make sure that you stick to it. Here’s how you can maintain a gluten-free diet and be successful at getting that bikini body! 

 For starters, you might want to get used to soy, millet, and cassava-based food items among others. These ingredients are totally gluten-free and are definitely what you should eat to keep you going about the day without having to worry about how much you just let your body down again.

Next, try as much as possible not to eat at restaurants. Eating out has its culprits especially for those who want to stick to their gluten-free diets. Fried foods, along, have been boiling in the same oil for quite some time making it seemingly impossible to break free of this pest. Fortunately, a lot more restaurants are becoming aware of other people’s awareness, so it shouldn’t hurt to ask for a completely gluten-free meal (so as long as it is on the menu.

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To avoid slips from the diet, you can go ahead and keep in mind a list of food items which are as much desirable as they are gluten-free. Your list should include eggs, beans, meat, dairy, and of course, fruits and vegetables. It may seem like a limited list of ingredients, but the number of kinds of meals is an entirely different story. A little creativity plus some practice always goes a long way, so the sky isn’t the limit after all. It’s the creativity that you have.

Being health conscious is never a bad thing so as long as you formulate a vision and stick to a path that goes to it. With increasing awareness of what is actually good, industries bending towards what’s right should eventually follow, making life easier for everyone. Knowing how you’ve been stranger of what actually is in the trend of what’s good, shouldn’t you start going to your refrigerator and start sorting out the things that you would still actually need? 

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