Trying to get a healthy school lunch for thier kids should be a must among most parents to keep thier child healthy and functioning at their highest capcity. Not only would packing your own lunch make sure you know what your child is eating but it will also be cheaper then giving your young student money to buy lunch with.

Main Course or Dish

sack lunch

This is usually the sandwich or what have you. A great thing to give your young student to eat at lunch is a PB&J sandwich on whole wheat bread. Not only does it have the grains they need in the bread but it has peanuts which contain protein as well as some fruit content in the jelly. Now if your child does not like PB&J then you could try the Ham and Cheese sandwich. You will get them the protein they need in the ham but substitute the fruit for diary in the cheese which contains calcium which helps kids grow. What you as a parent want to stay away from would be anything that does not promote good health for your kid because even though they may rather have a Lunchable from the grocery store they need to understand at a young age that they need to eat healthy. Some other ideas for a main dish could be: Quesadilla slices, grilled chicken slices with as little sauce as possible, and even mini burritos.

Side Dishes

Most parents are able to handle the main dish pretty well, but when it comes to the side dishes that are when things start to go south. What parents want to avoid here is anything fried usually. There are many things that are great for this category though. Foods such as: fruits, yogurt, trail mix, pretzels, air-popped popcorn (not as bad as microwave stuff and not as greasy), cheese, any type of vegetable your child likes, and fruit cups without added sugar. If you are going to get crackers or any other food that is like that then you should check the packaging and make sure they are at least baked and a plus if they are whole wheat.


Your kid does not even need this part of their lunch. They do not need the sugars that can come with what is normally served in school lunch desserts. What you can do for your child is you can give them desserts but make it a special thing. For example, if they did really well on an important test or maybe make it a once a week only thing on Fridays or something. You defiantly do not want to have your kid on desserts like it is a normal thing. Plus your children's teachers will thank you when they have them in class and they won't be hyper followed by a crash late in the afternoon which can impede the learning process and actually lead to lower grades. What you want to stay away from here is cake items like Twinkees and anything else that has high sugar. Some good ideas for desserts could be oatmeal raisin cookies or even fig bars which are better for you then something loaded with sugar.


Soda should not be served to little kids for lunch ever. Not only will it make them hyper but it will rot their teeth and even get them hooked on soda. Also those pouch drinks are not much better then soda with all the sugar and high fructose corn syrup that they contain. Great alternatives to these would be tap water brought form home since it is just like bottled water but contains fluoride which will help your kids' teeth and also 100% fruit juices would be great for your kids to have as well.

Last Tips

  • Remember the food pyramid in lunch packing
  • There is always some fruit or veggie your child will like
  • Stay away from sugar if you can especially High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Beats eating out of the Cafeteria
  • Does not break the bank if you are smart about it