All over America, many people are turning to jetted bathtubs to relax at home and relieve some stress. You might be asking, though: what are jetted bathtubs? If you've got room in your budget, jetted bathtubs provide a great way to wind down at the end of the day. The jets massage and relax your muscles. If you are looking to buy a jetted bathtub in the future, you should definitely do your homework first. Be sure to learn about the types of such tubs on the markets, as well as some further considerations, including maintenance, cleaning, and space requirements. 

The first type of jetted bamerican standard water jetted bathtubCredit: amazonathtub actually shoots more water through the jets. These water jet systems cycle the bath water continuously through the jets, so the water stays warm longer than in an air jet bathtub. Water jet bathtubs also typically create strong waves in the water, providing a more thorough massage. (Many models are adjustable, so you can choose your level of force to fit your mood.) This type of tub normally requires some special cleaning from time to time. Thankfully, some systems come with a self-cleaning mechanism; for example, this American Standard brand whirlpool pictured has an "EverClean" system that prevents the growth of mold or bacteria. Please be aware, though: typically, bath products like bubble bath cannot be used with water jet bathtubs, so if you enjoy the bath products a water jet model might not be for you.

The second type of jetted bathtub uses air jets to create movement in the water. Air jet bathtubs are great for using products like bubble bath, bath salts, and bath oils - they are fully compatible with these bathtub additives. They usually consist of many small tubes that deliver air into the bath water, creating a wonderfully soothing motion. The massage from the air jets is usually weaker than the massage you would get from a water jet bathtub, though. One other downside to air jet bathtubs is that the air often cools the water more quickly than a conventional bath, so you might feel rushed out of your relaxing bath before you are ready.

There are a few other considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a jetted bathtub. For example, you should be aware that jetted bathtubs take up more room than traditional simple bathtubs. Also, there can be some significant cost involved: jetted bathtubs can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars (the American Standard brand product above retails at just over $1,000, though).

Now you can answer the question, "What is a jetted bathtub?" Jetted bathtubs are great for soothing sore muscles or just relaxing after a hard day's work, and a classy way to upgrade your existing bathroom. Many models are available for sale in DIY stores as well as online. Be sure to think about whether you want an air jet model or a water jet bathtub. Try reading some product reviews on sites like amazon, or talk to some friends or family who own jetted bathtubs. Good luck, and thanks for reading!