Do you know what a normal T cell count is? Chances are you probably don't unless you are professional in the field of medicine or have been researching the topic for personal reasons. Most people who are healthy with no conditions have T cell levels in the range of 700 to 1300.

This of course can fluctuate and can be dependant on the testing method and the laboratory processes and frankly can be impacted by the individual. Some people simply have higher T cell counts or lower t cell counts. On average doctors will consider an average T cell count above 500 to be healthy however every situation is different and every person is different.

For most people you never really have to think of maintaining normal T cell levels however the question gets particularly personal for people with HIV or other diseases which affect the immune system. There are a number of therapies that work to raise T cell count levels in the sick and only these can be used under the supervision of your doctor.

How To Inmprove A Healthy T Cell Count

There are of course a few dietary choices you can make to help maintain a normal T cell count however most of these ways are marginally helpful at best. Dendritic cell have been documented to mature faster when people eat mushrooms on a consistent basis. The maturation of dendritic cells are a part of the T cell activation process but are not by any means a solution in and of itself. There are many other competing factors which also affect the activation of T cells, some of which are still not fully understood.

Another way that science has shown us that we can marginally boost t cell levels is to supplement with selenium. People who take selenium have been found to have on average slightly higher levels of T cells however the results are not very striking. Obviously this is why fighting diseases like HIV are so difficult. We simply don't know a lot about the process and the conditions.

What is a normal t cell count then in people with HIV? If you are properly treated then you should still fall into the normal range. Many people live long and full lives even with immune suppressant conditions so long as they take care of themselves and closely work with their doctor. Definitely do your homework and make the right choices with your diet and stay in the average zone as best as you can.