Do you want to find out what is advertising and how many types of advertising are there? The definition is quite simple - advertising is a method used by marketers to promote their product or service. The types of advertising instead are endless – more to emerge frequently as businesses need to be creative in making their products known. Also when asking what is advertising – you will find that it is a method utilized by marketers in order for them to boost their company's brand image. They continuously utilize different types of advertising to provide product or brand exposure to their target market and promote consumer loyalty not just towards the products, but also towards the company.

What is Advertising?

It can be difficult to look for an acceptable description of what is advertising. For some people, what is advertising is defined as an imagination of one's business; an imagination which a product or service has possibilities of success, but can only be accomplished by appealing to consumers through new and innovative ideas to develop a need which did not exist before.

So, what is advertising? All efforts made to get a product or service sold; a merchant's goods displayed in his store window; looking for an employee or securing a job; writings on the wall; affiliate program membership; new Internet technology announcements; Internet marketers' personal assurance; wearing a distinctive shirt or placing a unique bumper sticker on your vehicle – all of these are types of advertising wherein they attempt to get the attention of consumers on a certain product or service being sold. Products or services for common use should appeal to all people, regardless of gender, age and status in life.

A known principle about what is advertising that remains constant, not fading as time goes by, not concerned or affected with any weather conditions, and doesn't care about personal medical status or the surrounding situations is that you need to continue doing it – you have to feed it and that's the only way if you want to see any kind of noticeable profits.

What is Advertising – Know the Different Types of Advertising

Both new and conventional medium are the tools that would send your marketing messages across. Since most people nowadays use the Internet, new marketing techniques are feasible, which conventional media cannot provide.

Offline and Online Ads

· Social networking
· Newsletters
· Articles
· Classified ads
· Newspaper ads
· Yellow Pages
· Online Ads
· Websites
· SEO (Search Engine Optimization) paid inclusion
· Google and other Adwords bidding
· E-mail marketing

Offline Ads

· Magazine ads
· Banners
· Brochures
· Catalogs
· Business cards
· Flyers
· Billboards
· Posters in the right public spots
· Gift certificates
· Windows display
· Door-to-door
· Postcards
· Special events
· Media releases
· Public speaking
· Seminars
· Trade shows
· Charity events
· Sales letters
· Door hangers
· Sign picketing
· Contents
· Air blimps

Electronic Media Ads

· Infomercial
· TV ads
· FM radio advertisements
· Telemarketing
· Sweepstakes
· Tele-classes
· Fax broadcasts

What is Television Advertising?

TV is regarded as one of the traditional types of advertising tools used by marketers; however, it has the capability to adapt to new types of advertising schemes. The combination of sights and sounds on the television has a huge impact on the target audience. It also has the capability to reach audience locally, nationally and globally, as well as has the latest interactive promotional adaptation. Through On-Demand and other service technologies, viewers can connect with marketing campaigns using the remote control. These are just some of the advantages of TV ads.

What is Radio Advertising?

Radio broadcasting is also regarded as among the tradition types of advertising medium around. The strength of radio is its capability to engage target audience in the market via its programs. Advertising through radio is very efficient since most of its commercials are geo-targeted, which means that it targets local consumers as opposed to TV commercials (most of which are national).

What is Newspapers Advertising?

Newspapers are a branch of print medium, and are considered the oldest type of traditional advertising medium. Marketing through newspapers has a lot of advantages which are being influenced by new, interactive advertising techniques. Newspapers offer advertisers a loyal group of readers, and the production costs of ads are low. In addition, newspapers provide value by way of short lead times to place ads, and guarantee wide reach of audience.

What is Magazines Advertising?

Magazines are another form of print medium. High-quality print and the selectiveness of audience are the strengths of magazine advertisement. Magazines maintain credibility through their readers, enabling the ads to resonate with the audience. Advertising in magazines have a number of disadvantages like its long lead times, high costs of production and limited regularity. Similar to newspapers, a lot of magazines have electronic format of their content which can be found on the Internet. A number of them require users to pay a membership fee, while others offer their content online for free. What is advertising through magazines? Well, this is it.

What is Outdoor Advertising?

You may be wondering what is advertising in outdoor. Well, to start with, it comes in various sizes and shapes. The major types of advertising outdoor are spectaculars, 30-sheet posters (12x25 ft.), bulletins (14x48 ft.) and 8-sheet or 5x11 ft. junior panels. Spectacular are digital types of advertising billboards usually seen in places such as Hong Kong or Times Square in New York. The best thing about outdoor advertising is that not only are they localized, but they give lasting impressions as well, while its weaknesses are short period exposure and low repetition.

What is Advertising? Other Types of Advertising Methods

Telemarketing and direct mail are other types of advertising utilized by marketers to their promote products and services. Both of these strategies are effective since they are usually personalized, and you can easily measure the results. Other the other hand, they are expensive, and telemarketing is perceived as the most invasive advertising methods out there, while direct mail is viewed as junk mail.

What is Internet Advertising?

The World Wide Web has brought advertising to a whole new level. It has influenced almost all aspects of advertising and has compelled conventional medium to recreate itself. There are a lot of benefits to advertising on the Internet, and it's very low cost is perhaps the most advantageous compared to other types of advertising medium. Interactivity is another advantage of Internet advertising. This makes it possible to engage target audience in the marketing message. Furthermore, interactivity is extremely effective since it is rewarding and memorable to users. Lastly, you can personalize your ad campaign, which is something that TV and radio cannot do. Possibly the biggest disadvantage with this advertising method is its view of clutter. So, now you know what is advertising and the various methods and strategies associated with it.