Many companies have looked at alternative fuel systems to capture more market share.  Hybrid, fuel cell, hydrogen cell, diesel and pure electric are just a few of the many systems being developed to cut transportation cost for our society.  Even though these are great systems to develop and great alternatives, except for hybrids and diesel, the rest are years from massive consumer appeal.  With the rising transportation cost and the unemployment rate in the US being so high an idea came about to create a vehicle that would be made in the United States with mainly US suppliers and offer a safe fuel-efficient alternative.  This idea is coming to life in the name of ELIOS.

What is an Elios?

Elios Motors is a start-up motor company, which is working on a vehicle that has the potential of changing the way we view the transportation industry.  Elios concept is a three wheel vehicle that would be able to seat two adults and yield 84 miles per gallon in the highway.  The vehicle will be American built and over 90% of the materials used will be from the United States.

 The Elio is promising to have the following specs and benefits:

  • 84 highway miles per gallon
  • Anticipated 5 star crash test results
  • 8 Gallon fuel tank
  • American made therefore yielding American Jobs
  • Eco Friendly as yielding 49 mpg city and 84mpg hwy
  • Very cost-effective as will start at $6800
  • Will include standard features such as air conditioning plus heating, power windows, power locks, stereo system.

I believe the concept is very impressive.  I am personally hoping that Elios succeeds in the US for many reasons, here are my top three: 

1. It will help our local economy as it will start by creating 1500 jobs in Louisiana.  This will then create a ripple effect as more and more suppliers and companies will need to meet the demand by hiring and increasing production.

2. 84 mpg( highway) is a very impressive consumption considering it is not a hybrid or diesel. If the vehicle is able to do 84mpg it will be one of the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the market.  Considering that the emissions output is very low, the vehicle would have a positive effect on the environment, if it a reduces the number of inefficient vehicles.

3. It has the potential to lower transportation cost overall for the owners as they would spend less on gas, less on insurance and potentially less on maintenance.

The Elios is starting production early 2015.  If the company delivers on the expectation and promises of a fuel-efficient, American made, three wheel eco-friendly vehicle, the sky will be the limit to both the company and the transportation industry.  There are many variables to still consider with the vehicle considering that it is a new start-up and there will be many bumps on the road but there is a lot of potential with Elios and the company could change the industry for good.