What Is Bedwetting Alarms and Are They Worth the Money?

Bedwetting can be embarrassing for children and annoying for parents. It is ok for a baby to wet himself, but every parent will expect that to stop after a few years. Why? Because it stops being funny and it can become tiring to always have to wash urine soiled clothes other bed linens. Some parents have tried virtually everything to stop their child from bedwetting but to no avail. All hope is not lost. Have you heard about bedwetting alarms? You might intellectually understand the concept but, you might be wondering how it works.

How does the bedwetting alarm work?

The bedwetting alarm has a sensor that detects humidity. It can come in the form of a sensor that is inserted into the underwear. The bedwetting alarm can also come in the form of a mat that detects a child's weight and moisture. Once the sensor detects moisture it will ring to notify the child. That being said, the bedwetting alarm can also be used for adults. What do you mean by that?

Bedwetting alarms for adults.

There are adults who are regular bed wetters. There are many reasons why an adult can experience incontinence problems. Age can be a reason or there can be underlying health problems that can cause incontinence. The bedwetting alarm can be used to help adults as well as children.

Male Bedwetting alarms

As the name suggests, there are bedwetting alarms for men. You wonder why? Maybe men suffer more from bedwetting than women. Maybe men are just too lazy and will rather urinate in bed than get up to go to the toilet. Maybe men just love to give women more work. The point is, there is bedwetting alarm specifically for men. There are also bedwetting alarms that are specifically designed for women or female. That is to say women are not left out when it comes to making good use of technology.

How effective is the Bedwetting alarm?

Like any product with a sensor, it has to be use properly for it to work. If the bedwetting alarm is no placed correctly, the sensor might not capture moisture appropriately. This will make the whole exercise point less. Furthermore, the bedwetting alarm is like a trainer. It will help children learn to wake up and go to the toilet before more damage is done. As your child grows older he might no longer need the bedwetting sensor alarm. When it comes to adult, it is a little different because the underlying problem is not about toilet training. It is more an illness. The bedwetting alarm might help adult realized there is moisture in their underwear and thereby call for help.

Are bedwetting alarms worth the money?

There is no way to figure this out without trying out a bedwetting alarm yourself. There is a bedwetting alarm for everyone (female, male and children). They are not cheap and expect to pay about $50 and more for the bedwetting alarm kit. If you cannot wait for your child to grow out of the toilet training, spending money on a bedwetting alarm is the way to go.