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Wonderful community is a branch of the organization known as Focus on the Family located in Colorado Springs. This place is a wonderful resource that focuses on teens and young adults in their growth with the lord and gives great advice on dating, relationships, and marriage. Having visited this site for years I've grown tremendously in my spiritual walk with God and in my personal character development. They have great advice and offer a lot of outlets to ask questions and get help. Here's more of what they are about.

Helping those who need it

Boundless has done a fantastic job in helping young people find themselves and help them grow in God and in themselves. They offer frequent articles, blog posts, and radio pod casts packed with information for young guys and girls to soak up and take in. Their advice is solid and have tons of trusted counselors and advisers to help troubled teens and young adults find their way. Their podcast is spectacular and I love listening to it every week. They have a discussion with various people about current topics and things going on in our lives, and they also open up their email inbox and take questions and answer them. Many of my own personal issues and questions have been answered through this site and their stances are grounded in God's Word and in excellent advice

Popular for dating and marriage

While I will not go into detail of all the subjects and categories Boundless deals with because they deal with everything, I will touch upon this one subject. Boundless can say that the main reason for their success and why most people reach out to them is because of their Christian dating and marriage advice. They offer a solid foundation in God's Word and what it teaches to be men and women for Christ and how to translate that into a relationship. Many guys and girls email and call up asking for advice about a relationship they are struggling with or advice about someone they like and how to handle that. Many others call up and ask for advice on how to best honor their spouse in marriage in a godly way and how to grow with each other to glorify God. You can see when you visit their site how most of their content is geared towards this specific subject as most people come to their site looking for things of this nature.

Reaching out in many ways

Boundless does a fantastic job in reaching out to young people through a host of social media applications and events. They sponsor many events and use media outlets like twitter, Facebook, and email. Their counselors are extremely helpful in giving good Godly advice and solid foundational teaching that gives them insight into their problems and how they can walk with God to solve them. Since they are a part of Focus on the Family they have a huge following and thousands of young people tune in each week to listen to the broadcasts.

Boundless also posts daily articles during the week about current events, issues we as young people struggle with, and fun things to keep the conversation going. Anyone can sign up and post comments and get a good discussion going about something and this reveals a lot of things people struggle with and they can help. Boundless also has a blog where all of the writers post topics close to their hearts that are relevant to their young audience and it gets them thinking and talking. Boundless is continually growing and expanding and I believe that they will reach the hearts of millions of young people around the globe who need relationship advice, counseling, and help in their struggles.

Setting the bar high

Boundless does a great job in holding guys and girls accountable for what's going on in their lives. Getting a pat on the back may feel good but Boundless takes the approach of tough love in many cases. If there is a problem they don't beat around the bush and try to approach it in a way that seems like they are walking on ice, but instead tackle the issue head on and give it to them straight. I love this approach because it answers questions and helps people in need by going straight to the source of a problem and hitting it hard with the truth of God's Word and with sound teaching. This has set many people free and enabled them to become a major force in the world for young people to come together to tackle the issues at hand and see them rectified.

Take a look

Head over to Boundless today and see what they have to offer. If you are a young guy or girl looking for advice and helpful tips on growing in God, relationships, and yourself then this is the place to be. They update every day during the week and have great articles posted all the time to help you become the man or woman you are called to be. Give them a shot and take in all of the resources they have to offer and you will be blessed by what you find.