There are many types of carp fishing gear that are popular with both beginner and veteran carp anglers alike. Carp luggage is actually one of these pieces of tackle that fits this description. There are a wide variety of things that fall under this general term, but as any angler knows, it takes more than one good piece of fishing equipment to be fully prepared for a day out angling on the waters.

Carp luggage most often refers to rod holders, backpacks, carrying bags, and specialized equipment bags that are specifically designed in order to carry all the various gear that you will need for a full weekend out chasing that ever elusive trophy fish. If you want the bragging rights that come with landing an absolute lunker, you need to have the right equipment, and carp luggage is definitely fits along those lines.

"Holdalls" are bits of carp gear designed specifically to carry broken down fishing poles. The traditional models should be able to easily fit four rods and reels, making the carrying of them to a good fishing hole much easier than if you had to carry all of them by hand.

"Backpacks" are just like they sound like. No tricky set up just because they are considered part of a full arsenal of carp gear. Most of these, at least when you are dealing specifically with carp luggage, will be designed as carry backpacks, similar to what you imagine a long distance hiker or Boy Scout troop would use.

"Lead and Bit Bags" are easy to carry bags that are designed to specifically provide room and easy transportation for the various rigs, jigs, and other lure and rigging set ups that you choose to use to fish for carp in your area. Keeping these separate is not only good for organization, but can help prevent frustrating tangles with other pieces of equipment.

"Portable fishing chair carry bags" are self-explanatory, as they are the drawstring based bags used to carry folded up portable carp fishing chairs from location to location. Most people will be familiar with these from other uses with outdoor picnics and activities.

So while rods, reels, line, and tackle are all very important, if you're looking to complete your collection of carp gear make sure not to overlook the importance of good specialty carp luggage to carry your preferred gear around.