Every parent wants their child to look and feel their best, cradle cap not included. While this isn’t as troublesome as some conditions babies can develop, it is uncomfortable and unsightly so makes parents feel like they aren’t doing their part. Consider what may be leading to it and all the way you can help your baby to find some relief. Cradle cap is something you have a little control over and therefore there are a few tips that can really help parents out. It starts with doing some reading to understand what is going on and follows with asking your doctor what the best options are.

What Is Cradle Cap

Though there are parents who would refer to this as baby dandruff it is neither that simple nor the same thing. There are schools of thought that believe it is due to improper hygiene. This is not truly the case. It can be from antibiotics that were given either to the mother or the baby. There are theories that it is caused by a fungal infection. And if this is the case you will want to make sure that their scalp is clean and dry. It’s important to remember that as bad as cradle cap can look it is quite unusual that it causes discomfort to the child.

What Does It Look Like

Cradle cap is different from regular old dandruff in that it is often yellow and much scalier. Often times it begins around the ears and progresses to the rest of the scalp from there.  Though some think it is caused by an actual drying of the scalp, there are others that think cradle cap comes from an overactive gland that produces too much oil and creates blockage in the pores.

How Do You Know Your Child Has It

Cradle cap is indeed much different than dry skin or dandruff. Because of this it is wise to do your homework and make sure that you understand what it is and if it’s really bothering your child. Dandruff is very rarely yellow in color, or does it stick to the scalp in large patches or clump in the hair.  Cradle cap on the other hand does all of this. And while you may be taking extra pains to insure that your child gets plenty of bathing opportunities and that their hair is clean and dry, it can be quite difficult to rid your child of this bothersome affliction.

As with any problem that your child may encounter, the first rule is to take a moment and understand that you can be there for you child to comfort them, even if you’re unable to fix it. While you may not actually be able to easily rid them of cradle cap, you can do things that will make them and you feel better. Discuss it with your doctor and make sure to keep them clean and dry. Then, remember that cradle cap, as with many things that may irritate your child, will pass and everything will be fine.