Does the term cupping therapy ring a bell? If you were in touch with the world of ancient medicines you would have instantly recognized what it is. Even though is an old method of cure, it has risen to fame these years and more and more people want to try it out.

Do you get headaches often? Is migraine disrupting your work? Back pain? heart disease? Dyslexia? Problematic asthma? Epilepsy? Lungs? Liver? Kidney? insomnia? Constipation? Diarrhea ? cracked heels? Acne? Pimples? Eczema? What ever the disease is get your cure through cupping.

In fact is an ancient form of treatment and of course with the help of technology cupping has been proved 100% safe. I have quoted some of the people I know below but for further assurance you can visit the nearest acupuncture or cupping clinic and ask the patients for their opinion.

Afraid of surgery? Yes. I know people who prefer the disease to surgery. Disgusted of taking pills? pills always fail to win ones heart. Then your best choice is cupping.

Its like a massage!!

What is cupping therapy?


Cupping is also called; baguar, badkesh, banki, bahnkes, bekam, buhang, bentusa, gak hoi, kuyukaku, and hijama in Arabic. It is the sunnath of nabi (salallaahu alaihiwasallam).It is an ancient Chinese therapy, in which a cup is placed on acupuncture points in the body mainly on the back and the air is suctioned out through a valve or the air is depressurized by the help of fire. This pulls the skin upwards. This pulling of the skin is believed to open skin pores, stimulate the flow of blood and helps in the removal of toxins.


Ancient cupping equipments


Cupping therapy dates back to approximately 200 AD. In the early days horns were used as cups. Cups were also made out of bamboo, bronze and clay. Although bamboo and clay has many health benefits today we dont use them beacause technology has made other equipments that are durable. Clay cups can break eaily and bamboo rotts with age so the most common equipment used is made of sterilized glass.

Modern cupping equipments


At the initial stage bamboo and pottery were replaced with household drinking glasses. Gradually thick glasses were produced exclusively for cupping. These helped a lot as it was easy to make and through the glass the therapist would easily see the raise of the skin and gauge the result.

By and by the cups got an additional piece and that was the valve at the top, which was used to remove the air so a vacuum can be created without the help of fire. This was safer and preferred by both the patient and the therapist. This method allowed the therapist to curb the amount of pressure applied. Rubber cups are also available which adapts the contour of the body especially bony surfaces but it is rarely used.

Methods of cupping therapy


Light, medium, and strong cupping. In these methods the amount of pressure varies to suit the patient.

Flash cupping is when medium cupping is performed several times repeatedly on the same part.

Needle cupping therapy is when acupuncture is performed first on the acupuncture points and thereafter cupping is performed on the same place.

Massage cupping therapy is one very great method. It gives the effect of a massage. the area is rubbed with a herbal oil, the cup is placed on the skin and the pressure is lowered in the cup then the cup is slowly glided over the part to be treated.

Air cupping is when the air is the cup is suctioned with the help of a valve on the cup.

Dry cupping is when the air is pressurized with the help of fire but not cuts or blood is involved

Water cupping therapy is rarely performed. It is when the cup is filled a little more than half with water a burning piece of cotton is inserted in the cup and quickly placed on the body.


Blood cupping is what is stated in Islamic tradition. This method is also called wet or full cupping. This is unsurprisingly the oldest, most effective method and the frequently performed.

This is the hijama that was recommended by Prophet Muhammad (sal). This as I said, is the oldest method , the oldest documents to be found on this subject is in the books of ahadith dating back to the time of prophet Muhammad (sal) which is approximately 1430 years back.

Prophet Muhammad (sal) is reported to have said “Indeed in cupping (hijama) there is a cure” (Sahih Muslim 5706).

And in another hadith, “Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (Islamic, lunar calendar) then it is a cure for every disease” (Sunan Abi Dawud 3861).

firstly a cup is placed on the selected area and a skin is pulled up (by one of the above said methods)

In hijama caution has to be taken as to not perform it in a sleeping or lying down position. And one should not perform cupping more than recommended.

This pulling of the skin causes the toxic blood to collect in the bump. Then the skin is slightly cut in a few places on the bump using a sharp instrument. Even though it sounds painful it in reality is not. Then the cup is placed again to collect the blood. The excretion is blood but though most people get red blood there are many instances were the blood is green or dark in color. Unlike donating blood this method doesn’t make you feel weak and a short walk afterwards for 30 minutes is highly recommended.

The pinkish mark that is left by this procedure will disappear within three days maximum a week. The small cut too will fade along with the color.

Cupping for weight loss

File:Cupping results.jpg

Experience talks

I know of a family who performs cupping therapy. Father, mother and two children, the younger being only seven. 

My friend’s mother got herself cupped by this 7 year old child.

Ask any one had cupping performed on them and they will tell you that it doesn’t hurt and further more, some people do love cupping. I am serious about it. The pictures you might have seen online are so scary, any one would think twice before cupping, but blood cupping is not performed many times on a certain day. Images online of many marks on the body are due to flash cupping where only pressure is applied without the intervening of sharp devices. No worries. The red marks left after cupping will fade off in a week.

Cupping creates a feeling of relaxation and energy.

  • Mrs. Refdy says that she did blood cupping as a cure for migraine.

Has it disappeared?

Definitely. I was cupped on my nape. The cutting was like a mosquito bite (my friend says that a mosquito bite hurts. lol).after one year she has to repeat the process as signs of migraine will start showing up.

  • UR got herself blood cupped on her calf but even after a year I can see the marks of the cut faintly. She says that the therapist was not a professional one.(UR must have been the practitioners first catch).


  • My aunt had a slight pain in her hip and one day her posture changed totally. Her hip was slightly twisted onto one side. She did massage cupping and gradually she got the correct alignment. All in a days time!!

Safety measures and precautions to follow during therapy

  • If your therapist is an experienced fellow he will definitely question you about your sickness and health and he will tell you all that you should know.


  • You must make sure that the cupping instruments are not reused and the cup is sterilized before use. I needn't tell you about transmitted diseases.


  • Only light cupping therapy should be performed on the young, elderly and when cupping on the face.


  • Damaged skin should not be cupped.


  • Those with high fever and convulsions are not recommended for cupping therapy.