What is Cyber bullying? In it's simplest terms, is basically using tactics that have existed since man discovered he was not alone on the planet and using them on the internet. Cyber and virtual are now common terms coined to describe various internet activities.

Cyber is a term usually meant to describe any electronic or computer-related activity. "My article appears in Cyber Space", might be a common statement for an author who lists his or her work on the internet.   Internet marketers often speak of their product or website "going viral". What they mean is that the item appears to be spreading on it's own like a "virus".

Bullying Needs No Definition

Bullying is a term that everyone understands. While it is usually used to describe harassment and threatening behaviour among children or teenagers, in reality bullying has been used by all age groups. When early man discovered that some other human had something he wanted or needed he most likely realized he could "bully" his neighbor, sometimes with deadly force, and take that which he desired.

Bullying Commited By NationsCredit: http://www.morguefile.comFrom the Barbarians who used their overwhelming force to take from weaker peoples whatever they wanted to eighteenth century countries who overwhelmed weaker countries by force in order to steal their resources or make use of their labor, bullying in one form or another has long existed.

Bullying takes place in the workplace among adults. In some cases if a particular associate does not agree with the in crowd of the corporation or appears to be advancing ahead of other employees, that associate may be the target of bullying from other associates.

Politics Is A Dramatic Example Of  A Cyber Bullying Definition

Any close observer of politics will quickly recognize a special type of "bullying" used by politicians or political parties to belittle or discredit their opponents. A Cyber bullying definition would be  the use of many of the above tactics in "cyber space".

A review of current cyber bullying facts will reveal in astonishing terms the damage caused by the worse forms of cyber bullying and help to answer the question, “What is cyberbullying”?  Current news stories relate heart breaking news of youngsters who have committed suicide because they were not able to withstand the stories some cyber bully posted on the internet.

Schoolyard BullyCredit: http://www.morguefile.comTraditionally the common school yard bully might be a big strong male who finds he is not accepted into the "in crowd" because he lacks social skills or for any number of reasons is not well liked. So he uses his strength to gain entrance through imposing fear.

He may also be a loner that just enjoys hurting or humiliating other peers. In the most severe cases the bullying may be carried out by gangs. In a recent news story a sickening video showed 6 or 7 teens severely beating an Asian student.

Psychological Damage May Be Worse Than Personal Injury

Any cyber bullying definition will surely describe why cyber bullying can be so much more damaging than traditional school yard mischief. The news video mentioned above allowed the authorities to quickly arrest the attackers. This is very seldom possible with cyber harassment or other internet crimes.

Cyber bullying takes only a few keystrokes!Credit: http://www.morguefile.comIt can be very difficult to trace the anonymous cyber bully. He or she may feel comfortable posting false statements to harm someone because it is almost impossible to trace those statements back to the poster. Once this information appears in "cyber space" it can spread very quickly and may encourage others to add additional, false information further harming the victim.

To answer the question, What is cyber bullying”, is simply to realize that all of  the worst traits of human behavior, used to harm another individual, can now be spread anonymously and very forcefully with a few keystrokes.