DNA is literally Deoxyribonucleic Acid or DNA. It is the largest of the individual molecules that are known. DNA is what gives humans their hereditary traits.DNA can also be generated in a laboratory. It was fist discovered in 1871 but it has taken scientists years to unravel its entire story and there are still some parts of DNA that scientists still don’t know or understand why it works or forms as it does. It is a nucleic acid. Your personality, looks and behavior are determined by your DNA. In each human being the genes in the form of DNA defines who you are including your intelligence and the color of your eyes. DNA is used today to solve crime scenes, determine paternity and even heredity.

Nucleic Acid

Nucleic Acid is one of the biological molecules needed for a body or a living organism to be alive. The Nucleic Acid has genetic instructions for the functioning and development of all living organisms including humans. The extraccion de adn  or DNA extraction in Spanish is useful to learn about the various items that DNA is made up from. If purification de adn in Spanish is in its purest form then more parts of how Nucleic Acid is used along with the other components of DNA are used and formed to understand just how the human body functions. Nucleic Acid is very important in medical and biological research. When combined with proteins they make up macromolecules which are found in every living thing as they encode and transmit genetic information.


Genes are packaged as chromosomes. There are 23 pairs in a human. The father’s chromosome determines the baby’s sex.

Genes and Proteins

Since all living cells contain DNA and RNA understanding every part of them is very important for future life. Also a virus will generally only have either DNA or RNA so again knowing all about DNA is important for future medical research to find cures for diseases including those occurring from viruses. The main role of it is the long term storage of information so DNA is often referred to as a blueprint. The DNA that actually carries this information is the genes. The DNA strands carry the instructions to make the proteins in a cell.

Future Of DNA

DNA extraction or extraccion de adn in Spanish is the future of DNA. If it can be extracted and recreated it will lead to perhaps many new medical miracles and discoveries. If DNA can be purified, or in Spanish purificacion de adn, in a laboratory or purification de adn in Spanish then it can be studied outside of the human body. Since all living cells contain DNA and RNA which is ribonucleic acid if it can be recreated perfectly in the laboratory like nucleic acid is generated in laboratories then the people who study it can make changes to a human form of DNA before that DNA and its parts come apart and mutate when they are formed leading to diseases and genetic issues. So each new discovery about DNA could possible change human life as we know it.