Digital photography is one of the popular topics in global nowadays. People love to talk about the advancement of this digital photography and also fashion industry. Therefore, we should know a little bit about digital photography too.

Initially, we have to know the basic parts of digital camera and also the important terms that will be used when we talk about digital camera.

1. Pixel- means the tiniest part of the digital photo. A photo image is composed of combined millions of pixel.

2. Resolution- the overall quantity of pixels in a photo. Increasing the resolution would make the image become sharper. Thus more pixels are important to get a better photo image quality.

3. Mega pixel- a photo composed of three to four mega pixels will have a better quality that a photo with only one mega pixel.

4. Dots Per Inch (DPI) - this term is used to describe quality of the computer monitor and printer. Specifically, laser printers have more dpi resolution than monitors. Hence, higher the dpi resolution means better quality.

5. JPEG (joint photographic experts group) - it correspond to the format for saving images in the digital camera.

6. Memory Card- this is where the digital files will be stored. Memory cards consist of different sizes and capacity. A memory card with higher storage capacity would be more convenient to purchase.

7. LCD (liquid crystal display) - almost all digital cameras have this specification. The purpose of LCD is for the photographer to be able to view the scene first before capturing the photo.

Now that you already understand the first part of the digital photography tutorial, the second part will discuss basically on correct handling of digital camera.

In fact, it is essential for us to know how to handle the digital camera properly. We can only judge a photographer with his output. Therefore, the way he handle the camera is the main point for him to produce the top quality image.

As a beginner, we should master the methods of taking photos first. However, if we do not understand how a digital camera works, it is difficult for us to handle it. Moreover, we should learn how to take indoor and outdoor pictures too.

Below is the second part of the digital photography tutorial. These are good ideas to help beginner master the secrets of taking photos.

1. Pay attention to the subject

One of the most fundamental digital photography tips. You should be able to compose carefully by working on the frame. Play with your camera, and explore the different shots. Avoid positioning your object at the middle of the photo, as it may result to dead middle image.

2. Capture Close Up Photos

Take great images by capturing them in extreme close up. Close up photos add a little creativity and excitement to the photos. In addition, this feature is only of the different ways to enhance you photo.

3. Use a tripod

Oftentimes digital cameras results to blurry photographs if your hands quiver a little. Getting a tripod will surely save your effort from taking low quality photos, and preserve otherwise great photos.

4. Be active

Try creative shots. Take photos from the top of a hill, or off the side of a yacht. Go outside and explore your environment. You'll surely have fun taking those once in a lifetime photo shots.

5. Join a photography class

Joining a photography class is a good way to learn about digital photography faster. We can learn from the expert there. People can share the experience with you too.

In conclusion, it is tough to become a good digital photographer. We need to keep on learning to polish our techniques and skills.