IRenew Energy Bracelets

There are many different types of energy bracelets on the market. One of the most recent energy bracelets is the IRenew energy bracelet which is designed to restore energy, strength, and balance to your life similar to other ionic bracelets or magnetic jewelry.

Energy bracelets of all kinds (ionic or magnetic) are meant to restore balance to your life and the IRenew bracelet is no different. The main differentiating factor with this energy bracelet is that it is designed to restore your biofield from natural forces that can affect it in a negative way. These forces are suggested to have a negative affect on many things in your life ranging from your sleep patterns to your mental focus to your energy levels. However a lot of people are asking: "IRenew bracelet - does it work?"

IRenew Bracelet

IRenew BraceletsThe IRenew bracelet is not expensive and it is supposed to work by merely wearing it on a daily basis. The energy bracelet itself is only costs around twenty bucks and is available in white and black. There are direct sales websites available to purchase this product and there are many on sale second hand from merchants on eBay and Craigslist.

This particular energy bracelet was also advertised on TV and was sold over the phone. It has wide circulation already and it has only been on the market for a few months.

IRenew Review

Because the IRenew bracelet is so new there aren't many unbiased reviews of this particular product. Most energy bracelets are littered with scam and hoax reviews on the net as well as many biased positive reviews slating the product to be the greatest tool to modern man. If you really want an unbiased review then you will likely want to search the medical community and researchers with no interest in sales.

IRenew Scam

Just as there are for many energy bracelets and magnetic bracelets there are many naysayers for the IRenew biofield bracelet. Many people feel that this product is just another scam. These people calling hoax have a compelling argument as none really can even fully understand what the product manufacturers mean when they say this product can renew your biofield and cause you to feel better all around. In some ways the scam is true for people who don't believe this works and it is also false for those that believe that it does work. The mind is powerful tool for healing as documented by the placebo affect.

IRenew Bracelet – Does It Work?

So does the IRenew bracelet actually work? This is up for interpretation. Many medical professionals will say that this type of product – the magnetic bracelet industry – is full of bologna and is simply selling a product which claims to do more than is imaginable. However there are long standing beliefs held by massive communities of people which understand that our bodies are affected by unseen forces around us.

What it all boils down to is your level of belief and commitment to a philosophy. Many people get along just fine for many decades without any regards to their biofield or magnetic or ionic state. Trying to manipulate one's biofield is obviously not necessary for human health however those that truly feel this will help probably will experience positive affects from it even if it is only at the placebo levels.

Buy IRenew

If you do indeed want to try IRenew there are many places that sell it online as well as second-hand retailers and direct sales personnel. You can buy IRenew bracelets from any of these manufacturers and the cost will always be low but you will always get the best price from second-hand or used product resellers. These used IRenew bracelets are usually heavily discounted by people that don't think the product works after they try it for themselves. This may also be the best place to try magnetic bracelets for the first time because if you don't believe these energy bracelets work then you probably don't want to spend much on them. Try them used first and then come to your own conclusions on whether they work or not.

UPDATE - December 2010

As more and more actual customer reviews of this product have been showing up on the web it has become quite clear that the IRenew bracelet really is based on the placebo effect. This is my opinion but after reading through all these customer reviews of the IRenew Braclet (scroll to the bottom) over on Amazon I can't imagine this product will be on the market for very long.