All of us are in this wonderful journey called “life,” which provides uniquely different experiences for each one of us. Starting from around the time we were born (or nine months before that - depending on how you would like to look at it), we find ourselves in a process of sometimes enjoying, sometimes suffering, sometimes enduring, and sometimes marveling at the changing panorama before us. Oftentimes in this journey, we are prompted to ask “what is life?” Depending on our experiences until then, our values and influences from family, friends, religion, books and of course the World Wide Web, we end up loosely defining our understanding of life.

‘Life is beautiful.’

‘Life sucks!’

‘Life is all about Karma.’

‘Life is terribly unfair.’

‘Life is the bland meaningless interregnum between birth and death.’

‘Life is marvelous - magical, mysterious and defying definition.’

‘Life is God’s wonderful gift and offers a chance to work for a better after-life.’

These are just sample shades of opinions and views one comes across, and are only meant to illustrate.

Like to pause and wonder what is your definition?

Let’s get back to our original thread. Looking back at the time spent on planet earth by you, how would you define life? Rest assured that it really does not matter to anybody else how you define life, for there is no one view of life that’s acceptable to all. And with so much confusion around, it is inviting territory to stray into, and add your own two bits.

Let me put down my idea. There is nothing sacrosanct, final or authoritative about it - to be honest, what I think of life is only my present understanding and going by my past record of revisions, this could again change in the future. But since it can be a good starting point, let me venture to present my current understanding.

It seems to me, for now, that life is a series of multi-colored, multi-flavored moments popping before us which get converted into unique individual experiences depending on the way weMulticolored momentsCredit: © Judy Ben Joud | respond. Ultimately, you would savor the experience and treasure it in your collection of memories, but if it were pain that was experienced, then of course, one would try and endure it and later endeavor to forget the bad patch. Actually, you may not even experience all the moments allotted to you. That’s because you may be too preoccupied with one moment while a dozen moments flash past without being noticed. Or some moment may trigger a flood of memories from the distant past that will color our experience of the present, so that we would not have actually experienced the present, but only the present through the filters of the past.

From all this it is clear that if life is to be defined in terms of our experiences, then the understanding would vary widely depending on the extent to which the person can observe clearly and completely.  The less the filters that color our perception, or to put it differently, the greater the clarity with which we are able to observe happenings around us, the more realistic our definition will become.

All easier said than done. But does it really matter?

“Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted.” - Unknown   


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Multicolored moments © Judy Ben Joud |