I'm a guy who just want to lead a simple affordable life after been slogging for more than 22 years,working day & night & maybe because of my spending's lifestyle that I find no change to save. I'm the type that Don't Worry,just be Happy, a day past is a day earn & always tend to take things on the easy side.

I'm one who can't stick to one place or rather the 9 - 5 type. For this reason, I was in the sales & marketing job since 1979, from a newbie to my last job as a asst.sales mgr with a Italian Manufacturor of Adhesives & other chemicals for the construction & bldg industry. What I learn here is that working experience is as important as paper qualification.

In fact, my secondary reason of being in the sales & marketing career was because of my basic secondary education which I know won't take me far off as I wish to. Looking presentable & able to talk with no fear are some of the more important consideration to be able in the sales trade. Without paper qualifications doesn't mean I am not able to earn like what the professional are earning. Without paper qualifications does not mean I can't hold any managerial post.

I was a branch manager with an investment brokerage hse, a branch manager with a public listed courier companies, a plant manager of a readymixed concrete company having 20+ truck drivers & other staff under my management & of course, my last post as a asst. sales mgr.with a Italian manufacturor.(Yea,yea...I know mine is nothing compared to some of the members out there.Very sorry for trying to show off )

My 1st manager post was as a courier branch manager ( a big cut to my income just because of the position - was earning a better salary & allowance while as a sales exe.with a ready mixed co.then).This interview is very important to me then was because it might be my 1st step into a managerial position.& it won't be easy because I have not been a manager yet.

But I did get the job & in my opinion,one thing that I did/say on that interview that one way or another gave me a high score. N what I say was ..........................................??????????????????????

How about having some readers out there to made a guess..What i Say .. ( Clue : I say it before the interview begin) ??

On August,2007, my last resignation letter to my employer was the end of the road for my career. I went into MLM or Networking,with my families all having a big question mark why am i doing such a decision? That was in the second half of 2007.

Today, I'm glad & happy to go against the trend that able me to lead a kind of semi retirement life..free & easy.. in running my Networking business. I invest not more than 10 hours per week because at this rate is where I am still able to rcv a monthly income of what I used to get on my last job which I'm very happy & satisfied. ( The Fire in me since to be gone?).

Of course my upline won't agreed to my such doing. Not ambitious & No Burning Desire. But I got my belief & happy with what I'm having & leading. Afterall, I Live for myself. It might sound VERY UNPLEASANTLY to some but in reality,the fact is such.

How many hours are we suppose to contribute to our employer per week, 40 hrs per week? Of course on the initial stage, I do what I had to do to tap the mkt & that is..not cold calls or even prospecting but investing quite a sum in photostating of reading materials & clips from the newspaper or magazine & after compilation, I would just go around retailing shops distributing my broachure without saying a single word of soliciting except to ask the prospect to read it whenever time permit.Even when they proceed to ask further, I would just smile & ask them to read up as most answer can be found in the broachure.

Why the retailing group? My experience show that we will have @ least 80% of such prospect to spent some time reading. What would you as a shopkeeper do when feeling bored & your presence in the shop is a must, so you are not able to leave your premise? Ok..lets read today newspaper,magazines or....

I got quite a respond from such activity.Today, sound as Unbelievable to lots of people, my list of client are growing from the fact the product truly sell itself, my clients are refering their contacts & network to my product after benefitting & experiencing it. Sounded very skeptical????