Mormon underwear is a garment worn by followers of the Mormon religion.  To the Mormons, it is considered a temple garment.  However, non-believers have referred to it as “magic underwear” or “Mormon magic underwear.” It is something which is rarely discussed or explained by Mormon believers. Mormon underwear is worn under the actual underwear by the Mormons and is believed that it protects them from any evil.  Mormons believe that the underwear provides “spiritual protection” and also motivates them to keep their covenants.  Some believe that it also provides physical protection.  Many Mormons believe this magic underwear has protected them from disasters, including car accidents, natural disasters, fires, and many others.

Why Do Mormons Wear This Underwear?

This underwear is worn by Mormons as a way of representing their relationship with God and many feel it is the most sacred thing in the world.  That also includes being sacred over their own human bodies.  Over time, the garment has changed, but Post 1979 Mormon Underwear GarmentsCredit: Wikipediathe beliefs are still the same and are quite respected in the Mormon population.

What Does Mormon Underwear Represent?

Originally, Mormon magic underwear had four marks cut out of the garment, described as a backward L-shaped cutout, a V-shaped cutout, and two horizontal cutouts within the garment.  The backward “L” was on the right breast and represented justice and fairness from God, which was considered a “square deal.”  The “V” was on the left breast and was considered to be compasses representing the North Star.  The first horizontal mark was at the navel area and represented strength to the navel area.  The second horizontal mark was at the right knee area and represented bowing to the Lord.

Along with the four marks on the Mormon underwear, a couple other aspects of the garment were considered to have meaning.  Both the collar as well as the robes had representations of the religion.  The collar represented the crown of priesthood, while the double knotted ropes represented the marriage covenant along with the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.  However, these two representations were eliminated around 1920.

How has Mormon Underwear Changed over Time?

Later in time around 1926, new meanings and descriptions were created for the cutout symbols.  The compasses (V cutouts) were enhanced to represent the specific course to eternal life as well as keeping passions, desires, and appetites bound to the Lords terms.  Also, it represented that all truth is one.  The square deal (L cutout) was enhanced to represent the preciseness of the commandments and covenants of God, along with honoring it.  The navel mark (horizontal cutout) was enhanced to represent the necessity of proper nourishment to both the spiri1879 Temple GarmentCredit: Wikipediat and the body.  Lastly, the right knee mark (horizontal cutout) was enhanced to represent bowing and confessing that Jesus is Christ.

In the early 1920’s, changes were made to the garments design, including shortening the sleeves to the elbows, shortening the leg part to just below the knee, and ropes were replaced with buttons.  However, the original designs were still available and widely accepted.  During the 1970’s, new enhancements were made to the garments design.  The women’s garment became two pieces and was widely accepted.  At the present time, Mormon underwear has several fabric options and both the original styles as well the new styles are widely available.  The newer styles have an enhanced appearance in which the collar can be chosen from two different styles for both men and women. 

Where is Mormon Underwear Obtained From?

Mormons in today’s modern society have the options to buy their magic underwear from church distribution centers, through ordering online, and through ordering in the mail.  However, every Mormon is required to have obtained temple endowments to buy Mormon underwear.  In order to receive their garment when ordering online, they must present their membership record number as proof of their temple endowments.


Mormon underwear is quite respectable to the Mormons, but non-believers criticize and mock the religious belief.  Skepticism is quite high as well, where many doubt its advantages and religious intentions.  Mormons have had to deal with this scrutiny for centuries, but keep their faith and belief in the sacredness of the garment.  Many religions have their own beliefs as well as their own ceremonies, rituals, and methods.  Mormons are not any different with their sacredness to this Mormon underwear.

Post 1979 Mormon Underwear Garments
Credit: Wikipedia