What is my atv worth? How much can I reasonably get for it? How can I find out it's real value? If you're buying or selling, there are several ways to find out the going rate for you four wheeler. Some of the methods you can use are quite simple, but some will take a little bit of time. Of course, there are several factors that go into determining how much the four wheeler is going to fetch on the open market, but there are some easy ways to find out. What is my atv worth?

Book value:

What is my atv worth? The easiest way to get a good estimate, which is all you will actually get, is by checking out the "book" value. Most car book value sites will have section for recreational vehicles. This can take some of the guesswork out of the equation, but not all of it. Still, it's one of the easiest ways to determine how much it will fetch on the market. If you don't have one of the books, there are plenty of ways to get the value of your 4 wheeler.

1.Online sites: You'll find no shortage here. Kelly blue book value, KBB, and NADA are both great sites to check out to find out how much you can get for your four wheeler. How much is my atv worth? Take a look at one of the sites and see what you can find. You'll get a good idea of the value in a matter of minutes.

2.Call the bank: If you cannot locate the value online, you have options. If you're still wondering, how much is my atv worth, you have some options. Banks offer up loans on recreational vehicles. For this reason alone, they have access to the book value of the quads. Banks must have access to these books, since they will not typically loan out any more than the actual value. If you're still wondering, how much is my atv worth, you have additional options.

3.Call a dealer: They also have the books on hand, at least in most cases. This gives them a good idea of how much the vehicle is going to command on the lot. They may or may not give you the information, but it's worth a try. Sometimes, you'll have to try multiple avenues to find out how much your atv is worth.

Actual value:

What is my atv worth? The best way to answer this may be finding out how much it can actually get on the open market. While book values are nice, they are only an estimate. You may get less or more for your quad, depending on the area, state of the market and economy, and many other factors. To find out what my atv is worth, this is what I would check:

Dealers: What is my atv worth? You can get a really good idea by simply checking out what the dealers are asking for similar models. This will let you know how much you are likely to get when the four wheeler is up for sale, which is really the best indicator of value. You may want to call, but your best bet is to stop by the lot. Try to make an apples for apples type comparison for best results.

Newspaper ads: You may simply want to check out the newspaper in your area. What is my atv worth? It will be easier to figure out if you know what others are charging. This may not give you an exact value, but it will give you a fairly good idea. At least you'll know how much others are charging. Try to make sure you are comparing the same year and miles, just to take some of the guesswork out of it. If you cannot find exact matches, just use your judgment to come up with a fair idea of the value. If you still need to know, what is my atv worth, you have some additional options.

Online sites: What is my atv worth? You should really check out the online sites to see what others are charging. You can check out classifieds, were most items are for sale by owner, or you can check out the dealer sites. It's important to keep in mind that four wheelers will command different prices in different areas. For this reason, it's best to keep your search fairly local. Other sites, like Craigslist, can be very effective in finding out what an atv is worth.

Auctions: Look for the "buy it now" sales going on. If you are still wondering, what is my atv worth, you'll be able to do a good comparison by checking out what others are asking for their 4 wheelers. Again, it's important to do comparisons with very similar quads, so you have the best results.

Other factors:

How much is my atv worth? Even if you find tons of examples using the methods listed above, you would need to look at your own 4 wheeler to determine the actual value. There are several things you will need to consider:

1.Condition: A four wheeler in excellent condition is going to get more than one in fair condition. You must look at your own quad objectively, so you don't overstate the condition. It will impact the value quite a bit. When you want to know, what is my atv worth, this is key.

2.Miles: How many miles are on the four wheeler? This will impact the value greatly. All other things being equal, which would you prefer; a quad with 500 miles, or one with 5,000 miles? It seems pretty obvious.

3.Needed repairs: Does your quad need repairs? If so, it's not going to get as much. How much is my atv worth? The more repairs needed, the lower the value, at least in most cases.

As you can see, when you're wondering, what is my atv worth, there are several things to consider. By finding out the book value, combined with other comparable units for sale, you should be able to get a pretty good idea.

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