In finding out that you have overflow incontinence, one can almost make a quick analysis of the symptoms almost immediately. Do you have urine dribbling from your urethra almost every day? Do you wet the bed when you go to sleep? If you are experiencing these problems, then you should see your doctor about getting checked out for overflow incontinence. This problem is something that many men suffer into there seventies and beyond and it is something you can control and manage for a better life.

When looking at the real issue of overflow incontinence, there are certain signs that one could pinpoint in diagnosing the problem. One may have the feeling that their bladder is full and cannot take any more urine or it could be the exact opposite; that the bladder is empty and will not store urine in the normal way. Whatever the sensation, these problems will not just simply go away. You need to deal with it as it happens, since urine that remains inside the bladder could cause real problems and lead to infections and pain. This is something that no person really wants to endure. Its better to check it out and get help rather than let bacteria fester inside the bladder.
Most likely, you will go and see your family doctor. He will then ask you these specific questions in relation to your problem of overflow incontinence. They are as follows:

How often do you go to the bathroom during the day?

When you do use the bathroom, do you have trouble urinating?

Do you urinate on yourself during certain activities, such as sex?

Do you expel urine on an almost constant basis?

Overflow incontinence, unlike other types of incontinence issues, is found mores among older, aging men than in older, aging women. The specific causes of the problem relate to a common problem, mainly an enlarged prostate gland, which usually stops the regular movement of urine from the bladder. Nerve damage also plays a part in the problems of overflow incontinence.

This can relate directly from pelvic or prostate surgery and other problems associated with an enlarged prostate. The same nerve damage can also come from diseases like Crone's disease or Alzheimer's disease. Also certain medicines, like antidepressants, Adult Diapers which can often inhibit nerve endings to the bladder will also affect the way overflow incontinence can be problematic for some men in going to the bathroom on a regular basis which is proved from Adult Diaper Reviews .