Permission based marketing is a form of advertising that requires the potential customer to opt-in or to choose to be marketed to. This form of marketing is opposite to passive advertising in which potential customers view or listen to ads whether they wanted to or not.

Permission based marketing is important to modern business owners because it allows them to tailor their marketing efforts to specific subsets of people based on filtered demographics. Typically in the process of developing a permission based marketing list a business owner will take the time and care to request demographic information on their customers so that they can categorize them later on for specific marketing campaign goals.

Additionally permission based marketing is important in business management because it allows for direct marketing to customers without the potential of being irrelevant. Marketing irrelevant products and services to customers that have no interest in the company or need for their products and services is a waste of time, money, and resources for everybody.

Traditional marketing materials cost money to create and wasting that money on customers that are unlikely to convert is not smart. Similarly online marketing campaigns such as opt-in email marketing are an annoyance to customers who have no need for your services.

When a business owner is able to efficiently market their products and services to their past or repeat customers and also to relevant potential customers they will have fewer costs, fewer alienations, and higher conversion rates. Because people opt-in to the marketing they are often looking forward to or are at least very receptive to the marketing message and much more likely to convert. This tends to mean that permission based email marketing campaigns target fewer people but cost less per lead.

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 Sometimes by the very nature of permission based advertising a business owner will have the ability to increase the frequency of visits for their repeat customers as well as encourage one-time customers to become repeat customers. This is evident in the fact that many people forget about the businesses they visit. A gentle reminder via email sales copy or via a direct mailing may be all that is needed to get them back in your store and spending money.

Permission based ads are generally considered to be a very lucrative form of marketing due to their conversion rates and their ability to retain customers. It is however difficult to begin because a permission list much first be developed. For aspiring permission based marketers it should be motivational to learn of the efficiencies of this form of marketing and should inspire you to begin compiling your opt-in list today.