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What Is Pink Eye?

Pink eye is a childhood eye condition that is very common in young children. There are actually three different kinds types of of this condition -- bacterial, allergic, and viral. Any person or child suffering from pink eye will frequently experience a discharge of the eyes, dry eyes, itching, and redness. Each of these symptoms can be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable to deal with.

The most severe forms of this eye condition are bacterial pink eye. It is considered to be more severe than the other forms because of the discharge of puss that can be quite significant. It also often affects both of the child's eyes. It tends to cause heavy crusting that forms at the outermost edges of the eyelids along the base of the eyelashes.

When a child suffers from allergies that are persistent, it is not uncommon for them to acquire allergic pink eye. There are also other irritants that can cause this form of pink eye to develop, such as strong fumes and chemicals.

The most common type of this eye condition is viral pink eye and it is extremely contagious. The virus that causes a person to come down with the common cold is the very same virus that causes viral pink eye. Although there may be medications that help to alleviate some of the symptoms of viral pink eye, there is no specific treatment that effectively kills the infection.

It is important to keep children away from other kids that have viral pink eye, as it can quickly spread from one person to the next on contact. A minimal mucus discharge of the eyes and an extreme amount of tearing are the main symptoms that are associated with this form of pink eye.

There are a few different ways that children commonly acquire viral pink eye, with the most common being through contact with a child that already has it. When one child at a daycare or school acquires this infection, you can generally anticipate several other children also getting the infection. Being exposed in excessive amounts to swimming pools with chlorinated water can also cause viral pink eye.

Another cause of this type of infection is when a person does not properly take care of their contact lenses, to keep them sanitized and clean. Many people will also begin wearing their contacts again before the infection has completely healed. Doing so will often result in reinfection.

Other causes of the pink eye infection are when a person is suffering from some type of long-term medical Illness. Vascular diseases and Lyme disease can cause a compromise to a person's immune system which can result in infections like pink eye.

In most situations viral pink eye will go away on its own in a matter of just a couple of days. It may be necessary to visit a health care professional however if it lasts longer than one week or if the symptoms become severe.[6652]

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