PlayStation Plus is a premium subscription based service being added on to the PlayStation Network. Having been announced at the Electronics Game Expo 2010, many gamers are still confused as to what this service will entail. Luckily, there has been further clarification of the features that this service hones as well as the features to come.

Since this service was only briefly announced a couple of days ago, many potential fans are still wondering What is PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Plus is slated for launch at June 29th, and during its launch time, subscribers will be offered a full PlayStation Network game (WipEout HD), PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross. A full game trial of inFAMOUS and free monthly episodes of Qore will follow.

Full Game Trials is a nifty feature of PlayStation Plus that sets it apart form all other competitors. This feature allows you to download a full game and play it for a period of time (usually one hour). After your trial is up, you are given the option of purchasing the game to continue where you stopped. This is perhaps the best way possible for you to test out a game to judge whether you want to buy and or play it or not. Being able to play the actually start of the game, instead of a pre-selected portion in a demo, allows for a much more authentic experience, and will probably convince you to get the game more so than a demo would. This is a great incentive to subscribe to the new PlayStation Plus service, because a full game trial will be offered on the monthly basis.

The monthly games that are offered to subscribers are only activated during the duration of your subscription. When your subscription ends, the free monthly games that you downloaded will be deactivated until you re-activate your subscription. If you happen to delete a game that you downloaded during the month and you want it back, you can simply search the PlayStation Store and download it again for free at no cost, as long as you are a subscriber. This particular feature has been receiving a lot of negative feed back, because people may not want to renew their membership, but they may also not want to lose their library of free games. So this is a love it or hate it type of feature.

Being a member of PlayStation Plus will also provide you with dynamic themes and premium avatars on the monthly basis. This content will be available to you forever. You will also receive PlayStation Store discounts ranging from 20% to 50%, and the discounts will be on select items that will also change month by month.

Many PlayStation 3 owners have been desiring cross-game voice chat for a while now. This is not yet a feature of PlayStation Plus. However, Sony acknowledged this plea for the feature in a post on the official PlayStation blog, and said it will be incorporated in a future date. It is not yet known if this feature will be available for all of PlayStation Network or solely for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The PlayStation Plus service is still expanding, so be sure to show Sony your support and become a member, so the service can rise to be one of the best services on any video game console.