You've probably seen the ads around the web, "Quantum Jumping" to change your life, become a new you, and unlock hidden talents that your other-dimensional selves are already exploiting.  If it all sounds a little vague and downright ridiculous to you, you're not alone.  

Quantum Jumping is the creation of Burt Goldman, who began developing his visualization techniques while serving in the US Military stationed in Korea.  In Korea, a friend turned him on to  Eastern metaphysics such as the energy concepts of Qi and Li.  When he moved on to Hawaii, he began a new course of spiritual enlightenment by studying with Kahunas.

After finally returning to the mainland US, Goldman immersed himself in metaphysical pursuits of every variety, dabbling in yoga meditation with swamis, hypnotism, acupressure (not to be confused with acupuncture), mind control, feng shui, and neurolinguistic programming.  While many write him off as a crank who developed his multi-dimensional meet of the self in a vacuum, Goldman built an impressive foundation for his theories, even if most of it is considered pseudoscience.

Multiple Universes and Quantum Jumping

Basic Theory of Quantum Jumping

As is common with many New Age practices, Quantum Jumping takes its name from something that is actually a science, in this case, quantum physics.  One of the theories in quantum physics is the existence of multiple parallel universes.  Some of these universes may be quite similar to our own; alternate versions of us may inhabit them! It is these alter-egos who provide the life-changing insights key in Burt Goldman's program.

When we jump quantumly, we can supposedly meet versions of ourselves who have become successful in other pursuits that we have either failed at or not attempted in this universe. For example, Goldman claims to have met a photographer version of himself in another dimension, and following the lessons he was taught by his other self, he became a photographer in this universe. Your other selves can supposedly help you solve problems by sharing their experiences, which may be different from your own.

Burt Goldman may also have been inspired by the popular show Quantum Leap in choosing a name for his program. 

How Do You Jump?

Quantum Jumping is essentially a meditative and visualization technique.  To meet yourself in another dimension, you simply create the experience in your mind.  Science has not confirmed that anyone has actually transported their consciousness to another dimension with this program.

Unanswered Questions

Burt Goldman Quantum JumpingCan quantum jumpers control where they jump?  Is it a matter of chance which versions of themselves they meet, or can one seek out other selves with specific talents?  If the latter is true, then it would be hard to distinguish quantum jumping from daydreaming, letting your thoughts wander under your control.

If the former is true, what happens if you meet less successful versions of yourself when you quantumly jump to a parallel dimension?  If you are a hoodlum in another dimension, can you learn from your other self how to break ATMs to steal cash?  

Do people in other dimensions know about Quantum Jumping?  If so, why don't we meet versions of ourselves from other universes who visit us to enrich their lives in their respective universes?