60 minutes talked about; seemingly, “redshirting” is giving the Kindergartens an edge over the other children.   They say  that this would produce a leader in the children.   In addition, there was the emphasis that bigger is better.   Is this a fair statement?   Size and age does not decide your success.   There was a time  that parents wanted their children to go to  the next grade in school.  Now they are  saying hold the child back.  I see much emphasis on size.  Do you recall the famous basketball player, Isaiah Thomas, that they claimed was too short to play?    Smaller in size does not necessarily mean small in stature, capabilities, thinking, and achieving.

I have even talked to an official at one school that stated she purposely held her boys back, because she felt they were not ready to advance to the next grade.    I had children that started school early.  They are now leaders and educators.   In fact, the one child that started the youngest is now a principal and holds a Master Degree.  She got fair grades in school and was not on the honor roll.  I even remember getting a call from her teacher in high school about a conference, because she was distracting the class with her talking.   She, however, is now quite successful and affecting many lives positively.   

I guess I just beg to differ with the reasoning for doing this.  Yes there are circumstances where a child might need  holding   back, but "redshirting"  has almost become like a norm.




According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, "redshirting"  has traditionally been more common in affluent communities and for children attending private school.   There may have been an increase in certain public schools.

This is a decision that a parent must make.   That parent must decide what is best for their child.  I hope that each parent will make the right decision for his or her child.What are your thoughts on this?[3216][3217][3218]