A "nose job" or rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure that transforms the way someone's nose appears. Nose jobs can also balance out a person's facial features, adding symmetry and a more defined look. If a person is self conscious about the way their nose looks, they may consider rhinoplasty to boost their self-esteem. There are a few benefits to having a nose job that includes a cosmetic and aesthetic aspect, as well as correcting poor structure within the nose, correcting the breathing problems one may have.

It has been reported that the best nose job candidates are at least in their teens, so that the nasal bone has actually matured with a more stabilized shape. Candidates must also be aware that rhinoplasty can be a very dangerous procedure, but it is a procedure that is handled by a professional Doctor that specializes in rhinoplasty. Make sure your surgeon is aware of how you want your nose to look.Rhinoplasty - Ashlee Simpson

Rhinoplasty may cost a lot more than you'd expect, or maybe even less than you would expect - it really depends on how complex the surgery is, and how the patient's goal translates into time and the Doctor's surgical strategy. It is possible to finance the cost of the surgery and pay on a monthly basis. Some physicians will offer their own payment plans. Be sure to research the cost of rhinoplasty in your area.

Risks of rhinoplasty are typically the same as most other surgeries, like infections, bleeding, or even reactions to new medications and anesthesia. There are also side effects of having a nose job procedure. There are several more risks that are unique to rhinoplasty.

Make sure you are prepared for your rhinoplasty operation. Fill out all prescriptions from your doctor (pain medication, etc.) because as the anesthesia wears off you will start feeling pain, and it would be ideal to take a pain killer before the real pain kicks in. Make sure you have a friend or relative present to oversee you before and after the procedure, you will need someone to transport you there and back safely.

The procedure will start with incisions inside or across the skin that separates the nostrils (called the columella). Cartilage and bone holds the structure of the nose (the frame work). A surgeon would then stitch the skin together after completion of the surgery. You will be sore after the procedure. You will swell, and even bruise. Having two black eyes is not uncommon. Apply cold compresses (not directly to the nose) near the sore areas to reduce swelling. The pain is never as bad as it looks!

Slight changes to the nose may dramatically increase the look and feel of the "new" nose. If a person is not satisfied with the result, or a mistake is made during surgery - there is such thing as a revision rhinoplasty. Think of it as a "touch up" to a tattoo or something. In the healing process, make sure you ask your doctor about foods and things you should take to heal optimally and fast.