Have you ever experienced a sad addiction? I may not be getting at what your thinking.A lot of individuals today are going to living with an addiction, or are close to someone who presently suffers from one. That may be very sad. To see someone you love suffering, or going through the pain yourself. That is not what I am talking about today. I'm speaking about just straight being addicted to being sad. Get where I'm going at now?
Everyone in the world has experienced this traumatic experience. The death of a pet, the end of the marriage or being her by somebody close to.Normal people go through these moments in life and eventually move on. But as a addict I sometimes choose to dwell on this things. I will be obsessed with them within of my mind. Letting myself be filled with rage and sadness. It will be hard for me to enjoy the marvels of life around me.That is the definition of resentment in its truest form. Resentments will tear me up. Even though I've been clean for a little while now, I will sometimes blank out.I will forget that I need to replace these thinkings with positive actions. The thing is sometimes I'm addicted to the sadness. A sad addiction is a terrible thing. The disease of addiction loves when I feel this way. It wants me to enjoy my sad addiction. It tells me it feels good. It lets it drive me. I hide it from my sponsor and the people around me. I let it drive me and fill me with pain. There is a way out.
First thing I do when I'm experiencing a sad addiction is call my sponsor. I need to expose those thoughts and feelings to light. A sad addiction will shrivel up in the light of day. Then I must start working on positive things in my life. Exercise, learning, spending time with friend, and taking care of my personal responsibilities will all help ease my pain. But the choices in my hands. It's up to me on how much effort I'm willing to put into not being sad. Honestly, even to this day I let myself be sad longer and I have to be. But the time I let myself well in these feelings get shorter and shorter every day. The number one thing that could get an addict high is letting themselves dwell in resentment. So I suggest to give yourself a break and do something productive.