Temporary auto insurance is a term that defines a car insurance that's concluded for a short period of time, from one day to about six weeks maximum. It's very useful for situations when somebody is only a temporary driver, therefore it doesn't make sense to pay for full coverage insurance for six months or a whole year, to get covered for a few days only.

The availability of temporary auto insurance depends on the state you're in and on the insurance company. In some situations, it may not even be necessary at all. For instance, if you need to drive your friend's car for a couple of days, prior to purchasing a separate temporary policy, check if his current insurance doesn't already cover the situation of the car being driven by other persons than your friend. In this case you are perfectly covered. If not, maybe the car owner can buy an extension for the actual policy to include you for a limited period of time and pay an extra fee which could be smaller than in case you went for a separate auto insurance policy on short term.

Why Go For Temporary Auto Insurance And Pay Bigger Premiums?

One thing that some people tend to ignore is that there no need for more than a split second to get involved in a car accident. This is why even in case you're only taking the car from the showroom and drive it to the owner's home is enough to get in trouble. This is why drivers need to make sure they are always covered by their auto insurance policy. You know the saying: it's better to be safe than sorry.

Indeed, premiums are bigger in case of temporary coverage, but judging the overall situation, the total cost of insurance is lower. If you think in cost per day of coverage, it's more efficient to go for a full, six months or one year protection. But if you're in the situation of needing such insurance for only a few days a year, there's no point in paying more for a thing you know you are not going to use.

Such situations aren't that hard to imagine: think only at the case when you go on vacation or you go fishing with one or few of your friends: would you like to be the only driver in the group, or you could use another driver so you can rest every now and then? Does your actual car insurance cover another driver? If not, temporary could be the cheapest way to go.

Always make sure to ask for multiple quotes when you search for insurance policies, because companies have different conditions for specific situations. You might be lucky and find a great discount with one of the carriers, exactly for the kind of insurance you need to buy.