which whitening toothpaste works the best

Teeth whitening is a treatment, usually bleaching, which is carried out professionally by dentists in order to lighten the color of teeth. After two or three initial visits to your dentist to make an impression of your teeth, the entire process normally takes about three weeks to complete. It involves the dentist protecting the gums with a rubber shield or gel, and then, using a specially made tray which fits over the teeth, very much like a gum guard, to apply the whitening product to the teeth. The active ingredient contained in the whitening product is usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which, when broken down, causes oxygen to come into contact with the teeth, thus whitening them. The trick then, is to find out which whitening toothpaste works the best for you, and then carry on with the process at home.

There are very few people in the world that can claim to have the same beautiful white teeth that they had as small children. This is because, as we become older, our lifestyles and the things that we eat and drink, such as tea and coffee, red wine, and black currant, amongst other things, cause the color of our teeth to change gradually over time. Smoking too, plays a big part in teeth becoming stained, as does tartar, and the natural aging process. Certain medications too, especially antibiotics, are known to have side effects, and for some people unfortunately, it is their teeth that are affected, usually causing them to become discolored.

Everyone is different and, just as hair and skin color differs from person to person, so does the color of teeth. Unfortunately, some people's teeth become so yellow and discolored as they grow older that they become self-conscious, and avoid smiling at all costs. Should you be in this position, then visit your dentist, who will tell you whether or not you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening treatmentand will provide you with information about which whitening toothpaste works the best. If you do qualify, your dentist will supervise the whole process. As mentioned earlier, once you have started the treatment, it is very important that you continue with it at home, by using really good whitening toothpaste on a regular basis.

There are several different types of teeth whitening pastes on the market, each with their own ingredients, for different types of problems such as stain removal, general whitening, or perhaps a combination of both. After you have seen your dentist, and know what your particular needs are, you will have to spend some time to check the ingredients in each type of toothpaste carefully. Everyone's needs are different and while some pastes will work for you, others will not.

It can be time consuming and frustrating to check the ingredients of several brands of paste, but it is definitely worth the effort. You will eventually find which whitening toothpaste works best for you. If you use it regularly, its long lasting results will keep your teeth beautiful and sparkling white,. Your teeth and gums will stay healthy too. Beautiful and healthy teeth will help build your self-confidence and you will want to smile again.