One of the most common problems with regard to maintenance of a swimming pool is fending off the disgusting germs which will gradually accumulate of a natural period of time. This isn't something you need to be alarmed about because it is a very standard occurrence and is an incredibly easy problem to fix. Even so, many people are very confused about this occurrence and would like to know more about what exactly is happening in their pool water which results in a green slime building up within the water.

If you are unaware as to what exactly that a germ is, it is most likely a very common form of algae, which is a naturally occurring bacteria that you shouldn't be alarmed about. There are many different kinds of algae which can reside in live in your pool, but there are three types which are much more common to find then the others.

That type of algae that we will discuss is the most commonly found one, growing in every type of pool around the world on a very frequent basis. This is most likely the algae you are seeing when your pool has been infected. It is called green algae and alike its name suggests, it has a greenish color to it, which makes it very easy to properly identify and take care of. The location of these bacteria is primarily on the sides of the structure, as well as in the center of the pool.

And perhaps the second most common algae type is the dreaded black algae, which despite its name is in fact more of a blue color, leading it too often be misdiagnosed. Another very specific characteristic of this disgusting germ is the fact that it's usually only found inside the crevices of the pool service, frequently those which are made of a plaster casing.

In the least likely type of algae is mustard algae, which is very often incorrectly identified as dirt. While it does strongly resemble dirt, you can differentiate the two by feeling it. If you pick up a handful of this substance and it actually feels like dirt, then it is probably dirt. However, if it feels very slimy and disgusting, it is almost certainly mustered algae.

These are the most well known characteristics of the most common types of algae which are found in personal swimming pools. To get rid of them you should consider purchasing swimming pool chemicals which are high in chlorine content and will eradicate the germs.