Here Is Some Great Break Up Advice

Break Up Advice You Should Never Follow

We all know that breakups are hard, what can sometimes make a painful situation worse is that we are getting advice from everyone under the sun. How do you know what advice is good break up advice and what isn't?

Well, I can tell you that there is some advice that is just plain stupid and you should never follow:

1. "Get back out there and start dating again". If you have recently broken up and you aren't even close to being over it, this is the dumbest piece of break up advice you can get, or follow. You aren't ready to start dating again.

As a matter of fact, if you do start dating before you are ready you run the risk of hurting not only yourself but whoever you meet. Just give it time and allow yourself to heal.

2. "You should only grieve your old relationship for one week for every month you were together" Huh? There is not an expiration date on grieving. It will take as long as it takes. There are  a lot of things that factor into how long  your grieving stage will last, such as:

How in love you were, how long the two of you were together, why you broke up, who broke up, etc. Just allow nature to take it's course and allow yourself all the time you need.

Now, I do have to add one important thing; if you aren't moving on at all, even a little bit, you might be suffering from depression and you should get some help. Don't let the pain of your breakup suck the life out of you.

3. "Try to make your ex jealous by going out with someone else" Please, that might be good advice if you're 11 and still in middle school, but beyond that it's unbelievably immature and will  most likely backfire.

Before you follow this advice think of these two things: one, your ex might decide to do the same thing to you and you wouldn't like that much, would you? And, two, it's not really fair to whoever you're using.

There you have it, the break up advice that you shouldn't follow. For the most part, if you do just the opposite of the bad advice I listed above, you can move on more quickly and with your dignity intact.