Nutritious and balanced dog food is essential for your dog, and will contribute to your dog being strong and muscular and having a beautiful shiny coat.

Almost all dogs love food, but it's a common misconception that dogs, like people, need to have varied food. In the wild, dogs didn't eat as diverse as humans. Serving a healthy and balanced meal is better for your dog. Keep in mind that your dog depends on you and that you determine what your dog eats.

Also pay attention to the energy requirements of your dog. As a dog ages, it also changes its energy level. For an energetic dog or indefatigable puppy, the dog food should contain more calories than food for an older dog. For the latter group, the food needs to be less calorie rich.

Some people let their dogs eat a part of their own meal, but that is not recommended. In many cases, the meal has an imbalanced composition for the dog. For instance too much meat is harmful to the dog, because too much meat has an imbalanced ratio of phosphorus and minerals.

It is essential that you serve your dog the best quality food and the right amount. Experts have tested the dog food and taken care of a well-balanced diet with the right composition, so you know your dog gets exactly the dog food he needs.

Keep in mind that every dog is different and every dog has also a different taste and digestion, and hence responds differently to a specific type or brand of dog food. While a specific brand can be good for one dog, a different brand might be better for another dog.

In addition, the dog needs to like the food and also needs to accept the food well. The food must feel good in the dog's mouth. Some dogs are more into soft foods, while other dogs prefer the feeling of hard, crunchy food in their mouths.

Dog Food (25079)Puppies up to about six months need to be served a portion of dog food three to four times a day. Dogs aged between six months and one year should eat two times a day and dogs of one year and older should eat one or two portions a day. For some dogs it is best to spread the portions over the day because that's better for their digestion.

If your dog is too fat, reduce the amount of food, even if the dog finds the food delicious. Obesity is unhealthy, also for dogs!