Looking for the best goose down comforter that money can buy? This year I went shopping for the best bedding I could for my wife for our anniversary. Last year I bout her a great gift she loved. It was traditional, jewelry, but it was kind of predictable. I wanted to find something that was unique and interesting and would be something she would love using for a long time.

An added benefit of choosing a fine down comforter for the present was that I got to enjoy the benefits of the gift as well. Don’t they always say that some of the best gifts are those that you would like to receive as well?

After doing some shopping online and realizing I didn’t know much about down comforters I decided to do so research to find out what was important and what wasn’t.

For my wife and I we live in San Diego, it doesn’t exactly get cold around here, but we knew that some down comforters were fine for the climate anyway due to some nice hotels we’d stayed at over the years.

This article on down fill power covers a lot of the intricacies of down stuffing, what makes it hot, and what makes it fluffy. Basically in short a high quality down comforter doesn’t have to be overly hot if a lower quality down is the primary stuffing material. For us we like to stay warm at night so I ended up looking for the exact opposite, a high fill power comforter, which  (depending on the thickness of the goosedown) is much warmer.

After learning a bit more about down and how to care for it and clean it I found a goose down comforter on Amazon which had almost flawless reviews.  It is in the Royal Hotel’s Egyptian Signature Bedding collection and it not only had flawless reviews and super high fill power of 750+ but it also was wrapped in an outer shell which was a 1200 thread count fabric. Basically this comforter was luxury at its finest.

The Best Down Feather Comforter… In My Opinion

Royal Hotel’s Siberian Goose Down Comforter is a white embroidered comforter which is textured and sectioned off to keep the down stuffing from bunching up in one area of the bedspread. In my research on caring for down bedding everything I read said that keeping your down bedding evenly distributed is a key point in keeping it in great shape. Similarly, fluffing routinely was also important but this goes without saying.  Why would you want a down comforter which is flat?

The only thing that I didn’t care for with this comforter was the fact that it was a high end comforter with high end fabric. Many people advise against buying down comforters like this because duvets are easier to clean however I felt since this was a gift and a luxury item for us an “all-in-one” would do just fine… especially since it meant I wouldn’t have to find a great deal on a sheet set too.

The Price Of My Purchase

What amazed me more about buying this goosedown comforter was the price I paid. If you’ve done any amount of shopping for down products you know that they are quite expensive. I went into a fe department stores to get my hands on some similar items to get an idea of what they actually felt like and I was shocked at how high the prices were compared to the one I ended up actually buying (above).

I’ve always known that online shopping can yield some substantial savings over going into the store but I must have saved around half of what I would have paid in stores.  Sure, brand names can add to price tags but the savings were insane.

One I actually got this comforter and packaged it up for my wife I was excited to see her response as it was totally unlike anything I had ever bought for her before.  She loved it!  The box for one was actually smaller than I would have imagined at first and the feather bed spread ended up being incredibly light. It was almost surprising just to see it fit in the box.

After my wife got it out of the box she immediately noted how she loved the simplistic and modern pattern and texture of the blanket and she loved how soft and light weight it was. We also found it to be truly warm and almost a bit too warm for us with the window closed.

Since we’ve had this in circulation we’ve found that it is actually warmer than we even realized. For us our climate is not hot so we have to open the windows to get airflow to actually be able to use it. It really is a warm down comforter and probably best for colder climates. Despite this slight misstep on my part I still think it’s the best feather comforter I could have bought for her and it will be happily used for a long time in our household.

Tips For Finding The Right Down Comforter To Buy

Don’t follow my lead. I figured that we needed high fill power when in fact we didn’t. It works great for cold climates but for us it’s almost too hot. Lower fill power would be just fine and some of the options in this category can be just as big and fluffy.  Also, I decided that a duvet cover wasn’t an option for us but it probably is for some people. We have cleaned this cover once so far and it is fine for us because we have access to a large washing machine. Many people who don’t have the large washing machine or access to one will have trouble washing this on their own.

If hiring a pro to clean your comforters will be too much for you and you don’t have a large laundry facility then make sure to choose a cheaper down comforter with a fine duvet cover instead. For us it’s worked out but it probably wouldn’t for others.

Lastly, if this isn’t the perfect down bed spread for you make sure to carefully read the reviews of the one you are looking at. You’ll find that many very helpful observations will be left by past customers both bad and good. Sometimes the cheaper options will be a better value for your money.