Why Singer Sewing Machine?

Other than being one of the oldest brands of sewing machines on the market, if not THE oldest, Singer makes a well crafted and very sturdy sewing machine that can really take some beating.  When you think of sewing machines, you first think of Singer and that's because they have always been trail blazers in the sewing industry.  Their machines are simply the best.

When you are looking for a good sewing machine for a beginning sewer, you want to make sure you find one that can take a lot of punishment and will grow with you as you grow.  I've been sewing for decades now and I find that the best sewing machines for beginners are usually Singer sewing machines.  I learned how to sew from my grandmother's vintage Singer sewing machine which was passed down to my mother. I used that sewing machine to make clothes for myself as a young girl until it finally died. It was a beautiful machine-no fancy bells and whistles, just classic Singer.

Singer makes a lot of great products, but the most practical machine for a beginner would be the Singer Heavy Duty Machine. This machine is just fabulous. I can't say enough about it.  I purchased this machine because I'm thinking about re-starting my sewing business and I wanted a good heavy duty commercial machine.  The first time I used the machine I immediately thought of my niece who I taught to sew when she was 8-years-old.  

I taught my 8-year-old niece how to sew on my Singer machine a few years ago, but when she was ready to sew by herself, I bought her a cheap Brother for $79. My thought was "well, she's only 8 so this machine should last her a few years since she's only doing basic sewing." Had I known Singer Heavy Duty Machine existed, I would have given it to her instead. Brother makes a good beginner's sewing machine but from my experience they are a lot less sturdy and Singer provides more option for growth. 


So What Makes The Singer Heavy Duty Machine So Special?

Singer Heavy Duty Sewing MachineCredit: Amazon.com (Please see buy now link on the main page)Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine(114999)Credit: Amazon.com (Please see buy now link on the main page)

Just the name itself tells you why it's so special. This machine looks like something you would see in a factory, but it is really light weight at only 14lbs.  The model that you see on Amazon just comes with the basics which is perfect for a beginning Sewer. However, should he or she decide that they want to do more with the machine, this model can be upgraded with a great deal of accessories that can be purchased for it.  Some of the great features of this machine include:

  1. The machine as it comes has over 1,100 stitches. It can be used for personal use or it can be used for commercial purposes.  You can sew through ANYTHING with this machine, including METAL!  
  2. Button holes are easy to make on this machine.  Experienced sewers know that button holes are not easy to make and for beginners, it could be extremely frustrating. However, with this machine, you can do beautiful button holes in just 4 easy steps.
  3. Best of all, this machine comes with Singer's 25 year limited warranty. That's right 25 years!!
  4. You can add a Acrylic quilting table with circular stitch function to the base of the sewing machine for quilting or for more room while sewing.
  5. This particular machine comes with it's only nylon storage bag, you do have to buy it separately however perhaps on Amazon or through the Singer catalog.  However, it is also heavy duty with a lot of room for storing all your helpful accessories.  The bag is around $40 but it's well worth it.  You can also get the simple plastic universal carrying case for around $20.

It's just a beautiful machine for beginning sewers. The ease of using it could help foster a love for sewing that could even lead to a very promising career.  

A great addition to this machine is to get the "You Can Make It" series.

You Can Make It Sewing VideoCredit: Amazon.com (Please see buy now link on the main page)

It is a long series of video starting from level 1 "beginner" to level 7 "master tailor-professional level." It comes in Vhs (yes Vhs) and DVD versions. This sewing video covers everything a beginning Sewer would need to know. Videos 1 and 2 are enough to get you started with basic sewing.   This video is an older video and it's very boring.  Quite frankly, there are no colorful graphics, it's just flat out boring. It does get down graded in terms of "stars" when it is rated because it is so incredibly boring. However! And this is a big However! It TEACHES well. For younger sewers who are used to having graphics and music and all sort of excitement when they learn, this may take a good deal of getting used to.  However, if you can sit and watch it or get them to sit and watch it, I guarantee you will learn a great deal from this video series.  


To be fair, you can get good sewing machines in different brands such as Brother who is also known for making good sewing machines for beginners. It is really a matter of personal choice when it is all said and done. You can get good sewing machines in all brands, but in my opinion, Singer just happens to be the best brand. They have been around longer and they are masters in the industry.

Whichever machine you decide to get for your beginning sewer or as a beginning sewer, just remember, it is supposed to be a pleasant experience.  Sewing can be frustrating by itself without someone cracking a whip over your shoulders.  When I learned how to sew, I bought a sewing pattern and got a few tips from experienced Sewers and then sat down at my grandmother's vintage Singer sewing machine and learned at my own pace. It inspired an incredible love of sewing even when I spend an hour taking out stitches just to do it over.  Patience with you yourself if you are a beginning sewer or with your child will foster a lifetime love of sewing.