What is the best snow shovel? Every year when its time for the first snow to begin flying you tell yourself to go out and get the things you need before that first big snow. Things like salt for the sidewalks, window scrapers for the car and a good snow shovel but somehow you never quite make it to the store so when that first big snow falls you and every other person in your town or city is running all over the place looking for the best snow shovel left. Sometimes you find one sometimes you don't but this year is going to be different and to help you out here is a list of some of the best snow shovels you can get. This list also includes the prices and some of the locations that they can be purchased. Hope you're not snowed in but if you are this year you will be prepared.


The Best Snow Shovel


There are hundreds of different snow shovels out there they are all a little different but are all basically the same and just by looking it's hard to tell if the one you're considering buying is going to be worth the money or if it will be in next weeks trash. With all this in mind this article is here to help by giving you a list of snow shovels with the best reviews. Let's get started.

One of the oddest snow shovels you will ever see is also one of the best. The Sno Wovel W0208 Wheeled Snow Shovel is exactly what it sounds like, it's a shovel with a big wheel in the middle Sno Wovelof the handle. This snow shovel is designed with your well being in mind. Many people every year suffer from back pain and even heart attacks from shoveling snow. Now you can reduce those risks and clean your driveway faster all with the Sno Wovel. It's up to three times faster than a standard snow shovel and better performing not to mention more environmentally friendly than a small snow blower. The wheel is 35 inches in diameter equipped with a tire, the handle is constructed of heavy gage steel and the blade is made of polypropylene plastic. There is a life time warranty on the frame, wheel, and tire. There is also a wear strip available that is sold separately that can be attached to the edge of the blade for reduced wear and added life. A few other features that make the Sno Wovel one of the best snow shovels is the fact that it is adjustable to each user and has a folding frame for convenient storage. One more thing this is probably the only snow shovel you will ever buy that comes with a DVD to show how and how not to use the product. The Sno Wovel is available at wovel.com, Amazon.com and a few other places on the web. The retail price is a hefty $130 but is well worth the money. If you like reading reviews before you purchase that can be done on Amazon as well.

If you're looking for a more conventional snow shovel the options are all most endless but we're Big Scoop Snow Shovellooking for the best. Here is another highly rated work horse the Suncast SF1850 22" Big Scoop Snow Shovel with Wear Strip. It has a metal wear strip, collapsible steel handle that is sixty inches long and the blade measures 22" by 28". The beauty of this shovel is there is no lifting just push the shovel into the snow tip back and drag the load to the dumping spot and either quickly pull the shovel out from under the snow or flip the shovel on end. It doesn't get much easier than this even for deep snow. The Big Scoop is available at Amazon but is cheaper The Great Hardware Store.com for around $35.oo.

There is one more snow shovel that I think belongs on this list of bests and that is a regular plastic grain shovel. They are extremely durable, long lasting and unlike the previous two snow shovel are available in any town no matter how small, at any farm supply store like Tractor Supply. They are also available online but no matter where you purchase one it's going to run you about $30.00 and with a little care will probably outlast your back.

Everyone is different and not everyone likes the same things but hopefully you will agree that one or all of these is the best snow shovel for your next big snow removal. If there is a shovel that you believe should be on this list please leave a comment by signing up for Info Barrel (don't worry its free) and let us all know what it is.