Have you ever tried jogging with a baby stroller? It becomes very obvious very fast that not all strollers are very good for jogging. With some exception most casual joggters can get by just fine with well made all-terrain strollers but for the more advanced runner it's best to get a dedicated jogger for the comfirt of you and your child.

Let's Cut To The Chase

I'll gp into this in greater detail down below but in my experience the best jogging stroller for the average parent is the FIT jogger by Baby Jogger.

Baby Jogger's F.I.T. Jogging StrollerThe Baby Jogger F.I.T. stroller is the best jogger in my opinion for a few main reasons. One, it is not too expensive. Two, it is a dedicated jogging stroller first and foremost. Three, it is the most convienient for the average person.

In short there are better strollers out there for hard-core runners like the Sub4 by Phil And Teds.  There are also cheaper joggers out there like the InStep Flash Fixed Wheel Jogger which is fine for the occassional jogger but it's just not built as well as the FIT. 

 As I have found over the past year I love getting out with my son and I enjoy jogging to help stay in shape. This jogger is the one I use everytime.

How To Size Up Jogging Strollers Yourself

Now that you know what my favorite jogger is let me first explain what makes a stroller good for joggers and how to size them up in stores or on first glance.

The Front Wheel

There should be some allowance for personal opinion in this section but the way I see it the best jogging strollers will not have a swivel front wheel. They won't have two wheels up front. They won't even have small wheels either.

I believe a good jogger needs to have a fixed wheel that can't turn up front that is both a single wheel and large. You don't want the stroller to lose control over small bumps. You don't want a jogger to veer to one side or another because a front wheel turns ever so slightly. And you don't want your front wheels (plural) to be working against each other.

There are decent strollers for joggers that have swivel wheels or slightly smaller wheels but I don't believe they are best at all.

Leg Clearance

Another major factor to consider when buying a stroller to go jogging or running with is the amount of leg clearance it gives you during your running stride. This is soemthing that is even a big deal for tall parents (dad's especially) when just taking a stroller out for a walk.

As a dad who is six foot one I always think about my ability to walk without kicking the rear axle bar or stroller wheels. Many strollers are just hard for me to use because they are simply not designed to easily work for long-legged people pushing them.

When you run your stride lengthens and although you usually have the stroller a bit further out in front of you kicking the tires or axle bar becomes a hazard. True jogging strollers are designed around a different geometry then normal everyday, general use strollers. They are longer from front to back and the handlebar should be much further back from the wheels and axlebar.

The FIT stroller is designed around this concept and although it's not as geometrically designed as the ridiculously cool Sub4 jogger for runners at the high end it's much better than many all-terrain three wheel strollers.

Child Comfort & Safety

Beyond the obvious safety features like the child's 5-point safety harness and the pressance of a sun shade this jogging stroller has an enormous hood, a very wide seat, a tall back support, and has a great set of wheels that absorb impact from bumps on the road.

You don't want to be jogging while watching your child bouce all over his or her seat. This jogger will keep your baby or toddler secure and will even absorb a lot of the vibration that will go all the way up the handlebar into your hands.

This jogger also has a parking brake which you would expect but also a hand brake similar to those found on bicycles. This coupled with a joggers strap contecting your wrist tot he handlebar helps minimize the chances that the stroller gets away from you while running down the road.

Stroller Weight & Child Size Limitations

The last major thing that I think is important to consider with jogging strollers is the weight of the stroller and the weight limitations of the stroller.

In my opinion the FIT stroller is by far as good as they come in this area. The FIT can hold kids up to 75 lbs and tall kids at that! That's way more than many competitors like the BOB strollers or Schwinn strollers which hold kids that are both shorter, lighter, and skinnier.

The weight of the actual stroller is of some concerns too. Some of the lightest joggers are around 22-24 pounds compared to heavier models that hover around 30 pounds. This isn't that much of a difference but when you are pushing a kid around for 30 minutes to an hour every pound counts.

The Baby Jogger Fit weighs in at 25 pounds, which doesn't make it the lightest stroller on the block but it's not the heaviest either. When all considerations are made I would advise the typical parent to buy the FIT jogging stroller over all others in almost all circumstances.

Unbiased Jogging Stroller Reviews

Here is a review of the F.I.T. stroller by another owner "Monk Fan" over on Amazon. It has been voted best review of the FIT jogging stroller by users of that site. Check it out for his unbiased review.

In addition to these main features I believe there are a lot of other things that make for better joggers like feature sets, size, ease of use and looks. Each of these however belong to the personal preference category so I will not go into them.

Below are a few videos. One is the official Baby Jogger Fit Stroller review by the Baby Jogger company. The second is a good video from Runners World with some excellent tips on how to run with a jogging stroller. Below these videos are some resources and other miscelaneous tips. I hope they all help.

The Official Baby Jogger F.I.T. Jogging Stroller Promo Video

Some Handy Tips For Running With A Jogging Stroller

Alternative Strollers & Other Resources

I firmly believe that this is the best jogging stroller for sale today. It's the stroller my wife and I have settled on for our runs and it's the stroller I recommend to my friends.

I love the Baby Jogger brand. I have owned the City Mini and more recently the City Mini GT and love them both but they are not as well designed for running. If however you don't have the resources to buy a dedicated jogger on top of your everyday stroller I highly recommend taking a look at either the City Mini GT for all-terrain everyday use or the new City Versa stroller which is awesome every way you look at it.

I also have a good post where I break down the lightest baby strollers on the market. These may not work for jogging but they could be great for every other use other than jogging. Strollers take up a lot of space so owning a dedicated jogger may force you to own a smaller everyday stroller. My favorite is the Maclaren Globetrotter which is tiny, wieghs in around 10 pounds, and is as durable as any other option out there. You can see my review of the Globetrotter here for more info if interested.

A Word Of Caution Regarding Jogging Strollers And Infants

Lastly it's worth mentioning here. Jogging strollers should not be used with infants. No jogger will ever recoomend it and it can be very dangerous to do so anyway. Despite the safety features of joggers and their ability to smooth out the ride for your little one infants don't have enough control of their heads and body's to be in an upright stroller with their parent jogging behind it.

I have an article here outlining some good stroller options for infants which you should look at. Only after your baby is six months old and capable of controling his or her head with ease should you start taking him out for your daily runs.