All toasted sandwich makers ( you may call them indoor grills) perform the same tasks. They will toast your sandwich on the outside and at the same time warm your sandwich on the inside.  It doesn't matter if the grill is made by Cuisinart, Breville, Hamilton Beach or any name brand they all basically do the same thing.  However, there are still a few things I considered when I bought mine.

1. Appearance: I like appliances that look good on my countertop. I know this may not be inportnat to some but for me it is. I don't care if the appliance can cook a whole thanksgiving dinner  if it is unattractive I don't want it! When I walk in my kitchen after a hard day of work I want to see something nice. Stainless steel appliances are visually appealing to me. Cuisinart griddlers are made of  brushed silver and they look good to me!

2. Brand Name : I try to buy brand name items. Again, this may not be important for some people but  I don't buy just anything.  I have bought brands I have never heard of before and the quality was simply not there. I purchased cheap grills from Rite-Aid and Target and these grills were a total disappointment.  So far I stick to using Cuisinart, Foreman and Breville. However, with brand name goods comes the next criteria for me which is price.

3. Price:  If you want brand names then sometimes you have to pay for them.  Which I don't mind doing.  Not everyone believes in price being a factor for something being the best for them.  For me if it is cheap it just doesn't hold up.  Cuisnart and Foreman toasted sandwich makers are in the best price range in my book so far. These grills are not to cheap and not to pricey and they work well. However, Hamilton makes a good panini press that is about 20 bucks and it does make a good panini, but this is all it does.  It doesn't handle thick cuts of meat such as the Breville, Cusinart Gr 4n 5-n-1 and Foreman grillers . 

4. Multipurpose: All the grills I have come across will cook whatever you put on them.  However, the quality of which they cook your food is another issue. Not all grills were designed to cook any and everything you put on them. The Cuisinart Griddler will definelty cook a ton of diffrent meats, vegetables and toasted sandwiches. You will be able to change out the grill plates on the Cuisnart.  This will allow you to cook certain foods and breakfst foods as well. Also, you can select grill or panini on the Cuisinart. The Foreman grill will do this as well.  The Hamilton panini press will cook meats but nowhere near as well as Cuisinart or Foreman.  Breville will cook thick cuts of meat and various foods but you will have to pay for a more expensive grill to get this kind of cooking ability

So which is the best toasted sandwich maker in my opinion?  The Cuisnart Gr 4n 5-in-1.  It has the perfect blend of looks, price and functionality.

Cusinart GR 4n 5-n-1 Grill

Cusinart GR 4n 5-n-1 Grill

This video gives an in depth demonstration of the Cuisnart