The cost of kitchen cabinets is going to depend on a few things. These steps once you learn how the prices are set will help you understand why it costs so much to remodel your kitchen. Since most people who see the price will be shocked, read on and learn.

First off when it comes to the cost of kitchen cabinets, it will depend on how they are constructed. In fact this will make up about 60% of the cost you will be paying. If your cabinets are constructed with dovetails, they will last a lot longer. Not only that but when it's built better those cabinets will last for years.

How about how your kitchen is laid out, that's going to make a big impact on the price. If you want a lazy Susan you will end up paying more than you would for a plain cabinet. A kitchen that has a shape of a U will end up costing you more than one that is in an L shape. Plus if you add in combination of cabinets over a oven, it will add more to the cost of your cabinets.

Also what type of door style you choose will make a big difference. A simple door is going to cost very little, but when you want one that has an arch, you need to expect the cost to go up. If you're trying to keep the cost down stick with a simple door and you can save.

What about the finish that you pick? It's going to depend on how much will be added to the cost of your cabinets. Custom cabinet finishes will cost a lot more than what a normal finish would be.

Finally for the cost of kitchen cabinets you have to figure what type of wood will be used. There are some woods that are simply going to be a lot more expensive. Cherry wood cabinets is a perfect example that type of wood is going to cost you around 12% more to the total cost.

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