From It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Japanese comedy shows, sports events
and to everyday partying, the full body spandex costumes has never been this

Green Full Body Costume

What Is The Full Body Suit Costume?

The full bodysuit costume is a costume made of spandex or Lycra that covers your entire body. It has its humble beginnings in Japan and are called as Zentai bodysuits. In Japan, they are mostly used by Cosplayers and in some Japanese comedy skits. The Lycra bodysuit or the spandex bodysuits are usually in just one color like green, white, black or red, but has now evolved to offer different themes and styles. Some costume companies like Morphsuit are now offering tuxedo spandex suits, skeleton spandex bodysuit and even superhero spandex costumes like Superman and Spiderman. There are even some costume companies that offers neon,
glow in the dark spandex costumes and psychedelic-colored body suits.

Uses Of The Body Suit Costumes

Full Bodysuits are mostly used as a "base costume" of more elaborate costumes especially seen in Anime/Cosplay costumes. It is also being used by sports fans in sports events to show off their team colors and team support. While one-color full body unitards are only useful in certain scenarios, they have recently gained popularity because some costume companies has made elaborate themes for their spandex collection like the Santa full body suit or the alien Morphsuit that has made the full body suit costumes a great alternative to traditional costumes because they don't need several pieces of clothing to complete a costume.

Popularity Of The Full Body Spandex Costume

The Full body spandex costume was made popular in the US because of an US TV show called, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". In that TV show, Charlie Kelly one of the cast in that TV show was seen dancing in one episode while wearing a green full body spandex suit. Because of that TV show, the green man costume became a huge success that people who are in their green spandex costume are a mainstay in sports events, festivals and parades.

Tips If You Are Planning To Buy Your Own body suit costumes.

Be sure to check your size as full body costumes will only stretch to an extent without breaking. Choosing a larger size will make your costume loose and un-wearable. Cheap full body spandex suits in particular are made of cheap materials that sometimes show too much skin or too thick that you cannot see anything.

There are hundreds of Full Body Spandex Costumes in Amazon to choose from. With a price starting from $25 to $55 based on styles and quality. Full body costumes for adults as well as for children are available.