The Harlem Shake is the new craze around the world. Countless YouTube videos appear each day with Harlem Shakes. But what is this exactly? Why do people do a weird dance? Where does this rage come from? This is described in this article. You will get the explanation, so you are completely aware of this new trend. Perhaps you will have a performance yourself.

What's the Harlem Shake?

This is one of the newest crazes on the internet. In these videos of approximately 30 seconds one person will initially start dancing on his own. That person is accompanied by some seemingly disinterested bystanders. After 15 seconds everyone else starts dancing.

The first person to start with the dance is often masked or wearing a helmet. The bystanders are not even aware that this person is doing this dance. When the bass comes in the song the video accelerates and everybody is involved with the craziness. This is done with few or very strange clothing and very strange movements. To carry out the dance, musical talent or rhythm are not required. That is why everyone can participate. There is no special thing to it. Just run, jump, hop or crawl around and this fits perfectly within the show.

Where does this new craze come from?

Harlem Shake is a single by the American DJ and music producer Baauer and an internet phenomenon. The single debuted in May of 2012, however it became popular across many countries in the world around February 2013. This popularity is due to the release of a video by Filthy Frank. He has 13,000 followers on YouTube. These followers spread the film at a furious pace and more and more people started to imitate this. In a few weeks, more than 12,000 videos were made and posted on YouTube.

The new 'Gangnam Style'?

After Gangnam Style, The Harlem Shake has become the new rage. That is why it is seen as the successor of Gangnam Style, where everyone does a crazy dance that is inspired by the song Gangnam Style of Korean singer PSY.

Why is it so popular?

The first reason why these  videos are so popular is because they are short videos. The average duration of a  is about 30 seconds: the first 15 seconds someone is doing something on his own, the last 15 seconds everyone is doing crazy moves. Short films are attractive to watch as the core is quickly addressed and people don’t have to wait for minutes to see something.

One other reason why the Harlem Shake is so popular, is the fact that many popular people and sport teams are all doing their own video. More and more groups are following their example.

Where can you see examples?

If you search for Harlem Shake on YouTube you will find countless videos where these crazy moves are performed. You will also see that these movies all have the same core, but otherwise they are completely different. Some videos are posted by sports clubs, others by groups of friends and others by a school or a group of colleagues. Everything is possible with this craze.